Corruption everywhere, & the journalist's job is to report it
‘Walk to Equality’ story continues at Oz literary festivals

Election in the Highlands

Wardley Barry at workWARDLEY BARRY

The songs in the hausman are gone;
the candidate is left alone.
There are no more mumus to feast;
open arms have become clenched fists.
The excitement has given way
to disgruntlement and dismay.

You lied, I listened and I lost.
If you win, you win at a cost.
I'll take your daughter so you will weep;
I'll burn your house so you can't sleep.
Because of you I lost a seat,
so I'll make sure your win ain't sweet.

During the campaign we have fine leaders;
after election we have lawbreakers.


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Philip Fitzpatrick

Nice angle Ward.

I'm not sure that slang works in good poetry. In the last line of the second paragraph it strikes a wrong chord.

I would have gone with "so I'll make sure your win is not sweet".

Tingting bilong mi tasol.

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