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Bangladeshi man burned to death as election warfare continues

Wabag town still gripped in election violenceDANIEL KUMBON

HUNDREDS of people stood helpless as a Bangladeshi businessman died in a fire early Thursday morning in the Enga Province capital of Wabag, a town already besieged by election violence.

Wabag has no fire service and the man died in an upstairs apartment already engulfed in flames.

The foreign businessman died even as  local leaders from surrounding tribes planned to stage a peaceful demonstration to express their grievances at the lack of interest shown by the new government in stopping an election-related tribal war on the edge of the town.

Four other Bangladeshi men escaped the inferno.

Wabag yesterdayAs many as 16 people have been killed including three infants in incubators at Wabag General hospital.

And another baby was stillborn after its mother fled the hospital which was attacked after Governor Peter Ipatas was declared winner of the regional seat.

Some hundreds of brave men and women later marched to the Wabag police station to protest how toothless the government has become in stopping a fight which is threatening the very existence of the town.

I am preparing a more detailed report on the dire situation in Wabag.


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Peter Kranz

I am trying to get more information, but it seems that a good friend and cousin-brother of ours was killed in election-related violence in Gembogl, Simbu, last week.

His name is Henry Mission and he was a good man, a staunch supporter of the local Catholic church, and kind and supporting of all in need.

I do not yet know the circumstances of his death but will post this when I have more reliable information.

Very sad news for Simbu and PNG.

Pawa Kenny Ambiasi

So sad. For the gain of two people innocent lives and properties are lost.

`Daniel Kumbon

The death toll now stands at over 20 after four more men were shot dead yeserdy (Sunday)and many more houses and property was burnt.

Provincial Police Commander, Supt Kakas said on EMTV news highpowered guns like M16s and Russian made AK47s were being used.

Students attending Kopen Secondary School and Sir Tei Secondary School on either end of the town have been affected. Grade 10 and Grade 12 students are affected the most.

Daniel Kumbon

Darren - Nenk Pasul MBE (1 term), John Yaka (2 terms) and Jimson Sauk (3 terms) were the first three Kandep members of parliament.

They didn't know anything about maths so they kept Kandep as a whole for 30 years.

John Yaka was an apostolic pastor. Jimson Sauk was a committed christen. They both knew about King Solomon.

Nenk Pasul was an atheist but a powerful traditional leader. He was not as wise as King Solomon but some of his predictions have been fulfilled.

I still remember one statement he made: ‘People will fight their tribal wars, settle their differences and live in peace again. But if something happens down there (parliament), nobody will live here (villages). Educated people, when they fight, their fight will be more destructive, not before seen by our ancestors. This place (Kandep) will be gone.’

You are right about Tundak. It has a legend which people think will be fulfilled. And when you look at all the tribes in Enga they are all intertwined – they have links to Kandep.

Look at all the tribes in Wabag as an example. What do you see?

My advise to Kandep people is by way of using some of your quotes.

'Wish they fought for an agenda rather than two people. Loyalty and democracy - old and modern - it is the era and times. We blame them but it is the times, the crossroads where they and we learn to change - change for the better. It’s the Laws of Physics - It takes a greater force to bring upon a change.’

They must now begin to explore this ‘greater force’ that is capable of changing their individual lives.

People must forget Tundak because whatever they believe won’t happen in our lifetime.

In any case, doesn’t the name sound like ‘tudak’ (night, dark, chaos, confusion, corruption, crime etc..)?

People should change their own individual lives, seek peace and enjoy life.

Can’t they see that people who are good at doing maths calculations like divisions and fractions live down in Port Moresby far from easy reach of ordinary people?

Darren Talyaga

Sad that Wabag had to burn due to 2017 Elections. Traditional loyal ideologies meeting modern democracy. We'll learn one day, or loose. Coz no one wins in a fight.

If King Solomon was here, he'd divide Kandep in two. One empire for Alfred Manaseh, the other Don Polye. Because the Kandep die for them, that is how it can be solved unless one or both give away the Kandep Open Seat.

Surely, Kandep people's mindset, they either go for on or the other. They don't like more than two options and can organize and act upon to stand for their choice. So it seems.

Wish they fought for an agenda rather than two people.
They die for it and don't speak a word about it.

Loyalty and democracy - old and modern - it is the era and times.
We blame them but it is the times, the crossroads where they and we learn to change - change for the better.

Its the Laws of Physics - It takes a greater force to bring upon a change.

One day, we'll visit Kandep, a land of legends where they say from Tundak where the world's ends meet, where Hella gave birth to his 5 children, there will come a change.

This is the beginning for them for through pain - new lives are born.

Keep your strategy to have one option - but for a good agenda, and stand for them - but without guns!

Lindsay F Bond

One Attitude tweet has it as...'the #PNG government seems paralysed' at the emergent electoral aftermath.

Seemingly the PNG government, if mute, is null, uninforming, unenforcing.

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