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O’Neill appeal wanes as Alliance moves to secure majority

Attitude readership soarsKEITH JACKSON

AS readers turned to PNG Attitude in the post-election turbulence (graph), SirMereke Morauta said a third independent politician has aligned with him to “play a leading role in the election of prime minister and formation of a new government” in Papua New Guinea.

South Fly MP-elect Sekie Agisa joins PNG’s first Airbus pilot and Rigo MP-elect, Captain Lekwa Gure, and leading businessman and Central governor-elect Robert Agarobe in aligning with the former prime minister in an Alliance grouping that looks increasingly credible.

Sir Mekere has urged like-minded parties and independent MPs to work together to prevent Peter O’Neill from leading the country for another term.

“Independents should remain independent to maintain flexibility and move at the right time rather than committing themselves too early only to find that they have made the wrong choice later on,” he said.

“As a group, independents have greater bargaining power than individuals trying to strike deals for themselves on their own.”

Sir Mekere is confident that the anti-O’Neill MPs and parties have the numbers to form government.


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Philip Kai Morre

Fr. Simon you are a brave man, a man of integrity and courage. As a priest you have learn social justice and liberation theology to liberate us from the bondage of pain and suffering . Our people are suffering because of corrupt leadership and yet other MPs are supporting the corrupt regime. we need more MPs of your calibre who can stand up to fight for justice and equality.

Rob Parer

8pm, 1 August - Fr Simon, member-elect for Central Bougainville and Social Democratic Party has broken ranks with his party to join the Alliance.

How many more in Peter O'Neill's camp will do the same tomorrow (Wednesday) & save our country from dictatorship and autocratism?

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