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Come back, you’re forgiven: Kerenga urges MPs to switch sides

Kerenga Kua
Kerenga Kua


WELLINGTON - A leading Papua New Guinea opposition MP has called for government MPs to cross to the other side.

 Former attorney-general Kerenga Kua said new MPs could be excused for not knowing the real picture before being elected to office but returning MPs are staying with Peter O'Neill for the wrong reasons.

He said there was no money in the government coffers and its 100-day plan was ridiculous, given it had been running the country for the past six years and was responsible for where PNG is socially and economically.

Mr Kua said crime was out of control in Port Moresby, Lae and Madang. The morale in the police force was at an all-time low because of divisive actions by Commissioner Gari Baki. He said the recent election saw the highest number of deaths and said social unrest would continue because, when a government had compromised itself in the eyes of its people, lawlessness sets in.


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Michael Dom

Philip, your thinking is exactly the reason why PNG leaders fail.

I'm not surprised that you don't expect better from them, since we've not known any better leaders.

But don't confuse morality with simply doing what is right.

Leaders either want to do what is best for PNG or they don't.

The rest is dross.

Philip Kai Morre

I know that Kerenga Kua will made a good prime minister but he is not playing the strategy Peter O'Neill is playing.

When 70-80 percent of the politicians are corrupt, how can a few moralists change the government? You have to go with the corrupt system, pay money, make a strong lobby, and get into government.

When you do, you can change the government for the better via strong policies to fight corruption.

Kerenga Kua is just one man who does not spend money to get the MPs on his side like other party leaders are doing.

Paying money is also morally and legally wrong but you have no choice if you want to become prime minister. Pay money and do it straight after you get the government and this is morally justified.

Kerenga Kua gives critical advice to others but he also needs to listen to others to advance further. He is not taking advice so not many MPs join him and those who are supposed to win for PNG NP are not endorsed after biased selection of candidates.

Please change your approach and you will get the prime-ministership.

Michael Dom

On point Phil.

Philip Fitzpatrick

Are you sure PNG is actually independent, Michael?

From where I sit it doesn't seem that way.

I'd suggest that PNG is now owned by a bunch of autocratic multinationals, Asian carpetbaggers and local bum boys and not by the people at all. They are just serfs and pawns. '1984' on a grand scale?

Michael Dom

This man will be a prime minister whom everyone will trust and respect.

Exactly what PNG needs for real unity - trust and respect. Only people of integrity engender that response.

While enjoying your Independence think what it really means.

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