An ode to the PNG Hunters
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The Hunters famous win - an inspiration to fight for PNG

SAM KOIM The crowd

BRISBANE - The PNG Hunters made all of us proud at Suncorp Stadium on Sunday.

The opponents, the Sunshine Coast Falcons, scooped up two easy tries at the start of the game which got many PNG fans wondering whether we'd ever make it.

Our boys came back as ferocious raging bulls, nullifying our opponent’s every claim of territory, and proceeded to take complete control of the game.

Our emotions all hung out when our boys claimed the last winning try to seal victory.

The playWatching the PNG crowd that turned out at Suncorp Stadium to see our boys play was the start of my emotional time.

We were all patriotic and cheered our boys from the start.

Many of us flew in to watch them play. I saw many of our leaders attend the game.

We also had lots of friends of PNG turn out in our colours and style. The Hunters didn't let us and our country down. Thank you!

A win like this is one of the reasons that keep our hopes high for a better future despite the doom and gloom hovering over us today.

Ase BoasIf the collective patriotic feeling we all demonstrated is individualised in our respective conduct to our country, I believe we can steer Papua New Guinea in a positive direction and anchor our hope.

Our boys put their bodies on the line and fought hard on the field to show what we can do.

I believe we can win and change PNG positively if we all fight hard in our respective fields too.

Congratulations Hunters! Your win is an inspiration to many Papua New Guineans to persevere in their fields.

God Bless Papua New Guinea.


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Daniel Kumbon

Despite all the gloom and doom, the PNG Hunters showed the nation how to stand united and never to give up hope.

The PNG Hunters showed us how to stand your ground and, like true tribal warriors of old, they defended their clan territory well.

Did PNG see the captain, Ase Boas, place a well-placed kick in the in-goal area for Willie Minoga to punch on like a eagle?

What if Boas had run the ball himself in the last remaining minute?

No, he had trust and confidence in his team mates to let go the precious ball in the final minute.

‘We’re going there for this country and we’re going to play for them,’ Ase Boas said in the Post Courier last Friday.

The PNG Hunters played like a team and won.

It was worth the credits to watch the game on TVWAN.

Thank you PNG Hunters, Michael Marum and his coaching staff, PNGRFL President, Sanso Tsaka, the CEO and his administration staff and sponsors for making PNG proud.

Lindsay F Bond

What makes a nation more than shared exaltation?
Holding nerves, suspending severance, believing communication?

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