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Quick action to address the shame of no female MPs

Bryan Kramer
Bryan Kramer


MADANG - A week-long forum is being held in Madang to recognise women’s participation in Papua New Guinean politics.

The program is part of a United Nations initiative to promote more women parliamentarians.

Despite not having representatives in this Parliament, women around the country are working to ensure they participate in the future.

Member for Madang, Bryan Kramer, missed Tuesday’s sitting of parliament to join the Registrar of Political Parties and Candidates, Dr Alphonse Gelu, at the forum.

Alphonse Gelu
Dr Alphonse Gelu

Mr Kramer spoke of his experience in the 2017 national election as a way of helping women plan their way to a political career.

Dr Gelu said his organisation understood the need to promote more women leaders in PNG.

UN representative David Ephraim said 110 people were invited to the forum, mostly women.

The different parties and individuals involved in the forum are hoping programs as such will inspire and provide ideas for women aspiring to be politicians.


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Michael Dom

Thanks Keith.

Your interpretation is not surprising if it's what was reflected to you.

I don't like this sudden reaction even though it seems well intended and may be well organised and attended.

It just smacks of 'quick fix'.

How many of these reactions have we had before?

I should offer more of an explanation. Beyond and above a racy headline, I wanted to give a tick to UNDP, Kramer and Gelu for acting so quickly to keep alive awareness of a shocking problem. I certainly don't think this initiative is anything more than that - a short term response. It is not part of a broader strategy that institutions like UNDP should work on together with influential PNG bodies and recognised women leaders. That substantive next step should be undertaken by the middle of next year and then implemented energetically and with appropriate resources. That said, I am not holding my breath - KJ

Michael Dom

That's a pathetic title! Clearly written by a male reporter. It reveals the true opinions of the writer, the editor and hence the perspective of the source. It shows PNG's tok for what it is - hot air.

The following are directly inferred:
'Quick action' meaning that this is an issue that may be resolved immediately or rather to make it appear that we are doing something about the issue right away.

This puts us on the wrong starting foot altogether.

The 'shame of no female MP's': Is it really a shame? Who looks embarrassed to you? Which male leaders O'Neill, Abel, Basil, Kramer?

Does the nation really feel ashamed not to have female MP's? I seriously doubt it. I'm not hearing any woeful moaning in the streets and nothing at all from our Body of Christ which is also a boy's club.

The fact that we have no female MP's is a direct indication of (a) societies lack of willingness to support them and (b) the rigging of the system against them.

This is not an embarrassment. It is a reality.

Feeling embarrassed does not do anything.

The feelings should be concern, dissatisfaction and suspicion, so that we are properly focused on a long term agenda towards workable and lasting measures for ensuring participation of 50% of the nations population in the running of government.

Concern that we are not allowing our women to have a voice and participate at the highest level of responsibility.

Dissatisfaction that this is an untenable and inappropriate political, sociological and administrative state.

Suspicion that the underlying issues surrounding this lack of womens representation are the result of deeper sociological ills and a very poor understanding of representative politics and leadership in PNG.

It was not PNG Tok's headline. It was mine - KJ

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