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The marvellously engineered cane bridges in the Jimi

Is It Just Me

Wardley Barry at workWARDLEY BARRY

Is it just me feeling the ray
of sunshine brushing against my hair?
Is it just me seeing the day
sparkle on the droplets of the air?
Can you hear the sun and moon play

the moonlight sonata in my heart?
Listen to the stars of the morning
dance over the grave of Mozart!
Is it just me

the candles are glowing for,
giddily like stars sparkling
on the hinge of heaven's door?

Am I the only one who hears
raindrops on the roof tapping
my soul and reciting Shakespeare?

Am I the only one who can

that the sky is sparkling,
that the wind is singing,
that the trees are dancing,
that the sea is snoring,
that the stars are breathing
life into the stones at night,
that the clouds are rocking
on strings of rainbow despite

the fact that everything else stings
like dead fish at a fishmongers,
and that everybody else thinks
that I am completely bonkers?

Am I the only one young enough
to dream of such ridiculous stuff?

Is it just me or is my mind,
playing tricks on me?
If you do mind, I do not mind.

Take back your maturity,
give me back my curiosity!
Take back your intelligence,
give me back my imaginations!

I'd rather die living on the edge
than bleed behind an insular hedge.


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Philip Fitzpatrick

Bonkers is a bit too much, maybe a softer word.

When I was a teenager I toyed with the concept that 'maturity' was simply surrender.

Might be something in that I think.

Another good poem.

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