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Remove Peter O'Neill before he does irreparable damage


Belden Namah
Belden Namah - 'too many mistakes, time for O'Neill to go'

VANIMO - As in the game of chess, Peter O'Neill’s assumption of power as Papua New Guinea prime minister was indeed truly remarkable because people like me made it possible.

While he did not take us to the moon it was still a remarkable ride. But two major losses he has suffered recently may perhaps lead to the beginning of his end game.

They are both of his own making.

First, by dragging his feet on an electronic election with the hope of influencing the outcome in 2017, O'Neill woke up when the election results started coming in to see his majority in parliament decline from 60 members to 23.

We saw, for the first time under his leadership, an unprecedented level of election-related violence in all the highlands provinces with very many deaths and millions of kina in loss and damage to property.

The election violence continues today in his own Southern Highlands capital, where he remains powerless to restore normalcy. In Mendi today, the entirety of business and government services either remain shut or badly affected.

Peter O'Neill has lost legitimacy and moral leadership in his inability to bring the Southern Highlands back to a normal state.

This failure exposes O'Neill’s character as a small boy who likes to deal with soft power by running to the courts to seek orders to protect his own skin but, when faced with real life-threatening situations such as the curtain of violence that has fallen over the Southern Highlands, he has been found wanting and to be inadequate.

I have dealt with civil conflicts in Bougainville and put my life on the line in the Sandline crisis. I can see a fake leader a mile away. These kind of leaders are dangerous and can take a whole country down.

The second mistake that has exposed O'Neill is his government’s decision to sell its shares in Oil Search at a loss.

This decision has exposed O'Neill as a liar and a cheat and confirms the fact that he cannot be trusted to deal with our resources.

From a traditional point of view, O'Neill does not own traditional land and wealth and will continue to short change resource owners and resource-rich provinces of their wealth in negotiation with multinational companies.

So Peter O'Neill has reached his end game with limited moves remaining. I urge our leaders to join me in removing him from office before he does serious and irreparable damage to Papua New Guinea.


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Philip Fitzpatrick

Suggestion for another headline: "Remove Belden Namah before he does irreparable damage".

It's a nice workable headline: "Remove [print name] before he does irreparable damage".

A Fairsay (name provided)

Choosing between O’Neill & Namah and treason. Mr Namah is now under a leadership tribunal. He led armed police into the courthouse to arrest the chief justice who locked himself in his chambers. The head of our legal system wherein lies democracy and justice.

With Sandline, Namah and Singirok effectively attempted to overthrow an elected government, with urgings and support from opposition leader Bill Skate, Australian prime minister John Howard and the Australian and PNG media further chanting 'Sandline are mercenaries and murderers'. Treason?

Mr Singirok, Mr Namah’s commander, was later found to be paid by an arms dealer. Corruption?

Now that Mr Namah is a politician would he sends troops in to kill his own people (Bougainvilleans) and so commit political suicide and maybe crimes against humanity.

With Sandline, other than try to stop the civil war, what did Sir Julius Chan actually receive? Nothing but the loss of his prime ministership. Though by hiring Sandline it was a catalyst that stopped the civil war through a peace treaty afterwards.

If Sandline did not occur, the civil war may still be occurring because what would have stopped it otherwise?

When Australia and Britain did not want to intervene in a civil war in Vanuatu, France supported the rebels in Vanuatu.

Vanuatu’s PM asked PNG for help and Sir J and Mr Diro, then PNG Defence force commander, decided to help Vanuatu.

Sir J was taking a major political risk because if there was PNG casualties he would be dammed and his political career over! Remember France supported the rebels.

There was no casualties and this must be the PNG Defence Force greatest and proudest achievement to date. It should be celebrated every year.

It showed that the PNG Defence Force was able to achieve something that Australia and Britain which has much greater military capacity were not willing to undertake to help Father Lini.

This intervention in Vanuatu should be placed in context with the hiring of Sandline for Sir J only intention: that is promoting peace.

Access the full publication here: 107 Vanuatus 1980 Santo Rebellion International Responses to a Microstate Security Crisis (Canberra Papers on Strategy and Defence, 107) Matthew Gubb 66p_0731520947.pdf

Sam Kauona former BRA commander declared his support for PPP turning down Mr O’Neil & Mr Parkop invitations!(18Nov16) http://www.thenational.com.pg/ppps-new-mp/

Last year in July in a by-election under PPP, Mr Masiu won the regional seat of South Bougainville. This was the ‘rebels’ stronghold.

If Sir J engaged Sandline to murder Bouganvillians which was always a lie ,would the people of Bougainville even allow his PPP to stand a candidate let alone win?

Maybe the only way to get rid of Mr O’Neill is to ensure that the arrest warrant for him is executed and then if he is found guilty of the charges brought against him.

We should also acknowledge the instrumental role played by New Zealand in fashioning the Bougainville Peace Agreement, which remains in force - KJ

Mathias Kin

Keith, the most powerful nation on the planet is spending billions on these games in the Middle East. Pass the word around and somebody will surely take it on from there.

Michael Dom

Belden has to come to terms with the reality that the same reasons he kinged O'Neill are the same reasons the current government MP's will keep him: he knows their weaknesses and he can make them all rich.

Mathias Kin

If Australia desires a good neighbour who will not make trouble for her, it should give K100 million to the opposition to buy all the MPs to their side and destroy Peter O'Neill for good. Try it!

There has been an interesting recent discussion on social media about whether Melanesian culture is capable of satire. I think Mathias' riposte here is excellent proof that it is - KJ

Philip Kai Morre

More than 90% of parliamentarians are corrupt, greedy and selfish. Every indication tells me that Peter O'Neill paid them big money to support him to stay in power to steal and corrupt this country.

There is one resort left for us and that is people's power to bring back social and economic justice. The Philippines did it; how about PNG? Peter O'Neill wouldn't last long.

There is already an indicator in Southern Highlands Province where O'Neill properties were burned to ashes.

Lindsay F Bond

That "greed and self interest" may not be for precisely pollie personal income. There is also "greed and self interest" that is of the cohort, of the family, of the clan, of the electorate, where taking the prize, taking from the platform, taking the DSIP and the PSIP, (although for good purposes) will lead to real loss, a price at the national level.

Hearts warming to home fires only, may be wrecking hope of success of PNG as a nation.

So, question is when. How long do PNG Parliamentarians need for agreeing to avert national economic disaster?

Francis Nii

Most if not all MPs in the national parliament knows Peter O'Neill is not a good prime minister so why are leaders, including those with high moral integrity, still adoring him?

It has become obvious that O'Neill is always a step ahead in the political game. He seems to have a protective shield for any kind of assault.

Only if greed and self interest depart from the heart of our leaders might we see a change of government under a new prime minister.

As long as this deep rooted 'what shall I get' mentality remains the focal point in the heart of our leaders, the interests of the nation will go begging.

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