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Sambra Aikit – music blending the traditional with the modern

Sambra AikitCOOPER-LILY NIKORA | Wantok Musik

PORT MORESBY - Sambra Aikit is a contemporary band formed in 2013 by creative arts and music graduates at the University of Papua New Guinea.

In January 2016, the Wantok Musik Foundation launched the inaugural Tony Subam Fellowship, established to honour the late Tony Subam, former member of the prominent PNG band Sanguma

The vibrant Sambra Aikit continues a long legacy of preserving traditional PNG sounds in modern western music and is ecstatic to have received this year’s fellowship.

Sambra Aikit was formed as a collection of like-minded students and it shares musical influences from popular Melanesian bands such as Sanguma, Tumbuna 84, Tambaran Culture, Tribal Chants, and Mosong.

Paying tribute to traditional Papua New Guinean music, Sambra Aikit strives to maintain its cultural roots in sound: intricately weaving Melanesian elements with contemporary music across the four tracks of their debut EP release, Motomse.

In the Abelam language of East Sepik, sambra means ‘custom’ or ‘custom man’ - elderly men in a village or clan who supports a nearby village or clan at a time of need, sorrow or tribal conflict.

In the Kandrian language of West New Britain aikit means ‘brother’ .

Sambra Aikit (‘custom brothers’) endeavour to spread awareness that PNG contemporary music, mixed with traditional music, is thriving and full of vitality.

The Moresby Arts Theatre is delighted to host the official launch and celebration of the album Motomse at 4pm on Saturday 28 October.

You can join the emerging PNG stars of Sambra Aikit as their sonic journey bridges two worlds.

More information here: https://www.facebook.com/sambraaikit/

And purchase you copy of Motomse here: https://wantokmusik.bandcamp.com/album/motomse


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