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Bryan Kramer
Bryan Kramer MP

MEDIA STATEMENT | Office of Bryan Kramer MP | Edited

MADANG - The Member for Madang, Bryan Kramer, has announced what he says is a “major political shift” in the way political parties are structured and operate in Papua New Guinea.

Flanked by the president of the Constitutional Democratic Party (PNGCD) Ila Geno and former chief ombudsman Nemo Yalo, Mr Kramer said PNG’s newest political party would be called The Alliance.

Mr Geno is a former PNG police commissioner and Mr Yalo, who co-founded the PNGCD with Mr Geno in 2010, was at one time also an acting national court judge.

Mr Kramer, who has a reputation as a political strategist, has spearheaded the plan to merge numerous tiny political parties into a more coherent entity.

The initial strategy is to consolidate the eight existing opposition parties into a two-party partnership is intended to offer greater political certainty in PNG’s fluid and turbulent political landscape.

After the 2017 general elections, an opposition coalition was formed amongst nine political parties as a bloc in readiness to form government. But it lacked the numbers to do so and defections cost it a more substantial role in parliament.

This week’s announcement formalises the transition of The Alliance from an opposition bloc to a registered political party.

Bryan Kramer & Ila Geno front the media conference
Nemo Yala, Bryan Kramer & Ila Geno

“Political parties form the cornerstone in any political system,” Mr Kramer said. “However too many political parties fracture and segment the system and this promotes dysfunction.”

He said PNG has 45 registered political parties, 21 of which sit in parliament. Thirteen parties make up the government coalition with eight in the opposition.

“We are changing the game of politics in PNG by working with other competent political party leaders in the opposition to collapse their party on an interim basis to group under a single common political agenda,” Mr Kramer said.

“This will provide a credible alternative leadership to address PNG’s serious political, economic and social challenges.

“Rather than register a brand new party adding to the existing 45 parties, a strategic decision was made to use an existing party,” he said.

“Political parties require greater prominence in our politics so that systems and institutional processes become a way of life and not just a separate set of rules for those in power.”

Mr Kramer said 10 members of parliament have confirmed they will join the party. The Alliance party’s leader, its members and policy platform will be announced at an official launch in February during the next parliament sitting.


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John K Kamasua

Maybe not!

What it is needed in this country is a complete ideological shift. Not band-aid approaches!

Any government in PNG will still fight to stay in power, while the public service is affected by political influence, and the people are struggling everyday to keep their heads above the water.

The educated young people who have a sense of obligation to their communtiies and the country may make a difference

William Dunlop

Mission Impossible $.

Philip Fitzpatrick

This is what PNG needs.

If Bryan Kramer can pull this off it will change politics in the country.

Maintaining unity and discipline will be the big test.

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