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Lives ruined on Manus: Australian cruelty & Dutton's perfidy

Peter Dutton
Peter Dutton MP


NOOSA – A prominent Australian academic has provided PNG Attitude with two related reports from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), which he says, “despite my knowledge of the situation in Lorengau, shock me profoundly.”

“It’s not just the perfidy of Peter Dutton and his echoes in the ministry,” the academic writes, “but also just how limited the medical services are in Manus for Manusians - and the mutual unhappiness of some Lorengau people and the asylum seekers.

“The global reporting of their plight does such damage to PNG and to Australia.”

It sure does. The consequences of John Howard's original "we will decide who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come" policy, Labor's leveraging of this and the Coalition's cruel exploitation of it, have made our nation worse than  shabby. We have shown ourselves as a shallow people more than ready to put fear of outsiders and partisan politics above humanitarian values.

We can brag about our multiculturalism and our charity but in this matter our behaviour has been - and continues to be -disgraceful.

In  September 2014, with this issue searing my conscience, I quit my Labor Party membership after more than 40 years, writing to its head office:

“The inability of Federal leader Shorten and his colleagues to make a distinction between a moral approach to major issues - with asylum seeker policy pre-eminent - and short-term political manoeuvring is inconsistent with my membership of what was once a decent, reformist, community-based political party.”

I received no reply because the ALP, like the Coalition, finds it easier to ignore its critics than examine its own conscience. Both parties have placed political positioning ahead of taking a principled and moral stand and in doing so have wrecked the lives of hundreds refugees and very many Manusians.

This is what our politicians have become and that is why so many Australians regard them with such contempt.

Now the UNHCR has documented the outcomes of this selfishness in two published papers which evidence the excesses of Australia’s inhumane policy on Manus which has shocked many Australians and lowered the opinion of our country around the world.

We have been shackled to this global dishonour as a result of our nation’s cruelty to people who fled extraordinary danger and sought asylum in our country and have had their lives further trashed as a result.

In publishing its documents, UNHCR says that “there is an apparent culpable absence of a transitional strategy for people of concern who were moved into the Manus Island community, which has made the need for risk mitigation strategies urgent and compelling.”

The agency calls on the governments of Australia and PNG to a road map to address this continuing disaster, especially in relation to accommodation and health services.

It also asks the two countries to find a mutually trusted and credible intermediary able to establish lines of communication between the refugees and Manusian communities, because in excoriating the asylum seekers we have also despoiled the lives of the people of Manus in the most disgraceful way.

Finally UNHCR calls upon the two governments to find viable long-term solutions outside PNG for all refugees in addition to the placements in the United States.

You can read both documents here: a paper on an expert medical mission to Manus and also a fact sheet prepared by UNHCR on issues of protection, health, shelter and water and sanitation facing the refugees on Manus this day.


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Philip Fitzpatrick

On that basis Peter I'd say that Mutton Dutton would probably make a good walloper - in Queensland perhaps?

Peter Kranz

Yes and I'm the first to admit that is applies to me too. But at least I'm named after a rather tasty sausage and not some rancid lamb flaps!

The Peter principle is a concept in management theory formulated by educator Laurence J Peter and published in 1969.

It states that the selection of a candidate for a position is based on the candidate's performance in their current role, rather than on abilities relevant to the intended role.

Thus, employees only stop being promoted once they can no longer perform effectively, and "managers rise to the level of their incompetence".

Bernard Corden

Capitalism and democracy are always in conflict and the history of all capitalist states that have conceded universal suffrage has been, in part at least, a history of that conflict.
The case against capitalism and for a democratic socialist society to replace it is now much stronger than when the vote was first granted almost a century ago,
However the most distressing fact is that many labour governments have done little or nothing with the power provided by the franchise to reduce inequity. Many labour leaders used to apologise for this failure but now boast about it.

Paul Foot -The Vote

Bernard Corden

Mutton Dutton is an example of how cunning Turnbull has been in the appointment of his cabinet ministers.
Here is another interesting article from Counterpunch:


Philip Fitzpatrick


Click on PNG Attitude on a Saturday morning to be confronted by a picture of the Nasty Party's chief whip Mutton Dutton.

He truly is the face of evil and stupidity.

And what's worse, he wears it with pride.

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