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Pacific Explorer

STAFF REPORTER | Cruise Industry News

SYDNEY - Carnival Australia has announced the charter of three of the cruise company’s ships to support Papua New Guinea’s hosting of the 2018 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in Port Moresby in November next year.

P&O Cruises’ Pacific Explorer and Pacific Jewel as well as Princess Cruises’ Sea Princess will be supporting the accommodation of up to 10,000 delegates and officials, the company said.

The three ships will be moored alongside within the APEC security zones to provide hotel accommodation for those attending the summit.

Carnival Australia Executive Chairman Ann Sherry said the company was pleased to be playing a part in the successful delivery of Papua New Guinea’s first hosting of an APEC Summit, which will attract member nation’s Presidents and Prime Ministers along with thousands of delegates and observers.

“Carnival Australia has established a strong relationship with the government of PNG and is proud to have included nine destinations in PNG on its itineraries from Australian-based ships since 2013,” Ms Sherry said.

“Supporting PNG in hosting the APEC Summit is an extension of our relationship. We look forward to continuing to work the PNG government and the APEC organising committee over the next 12 months to play our role in making the 2018 APEC a success.”

This is the second occasion on which a Carnival Australia vessel has been chartered to support hosting arrangements for a major international conference. P&O Cruises’ Pacific Jewel was chartered for the Small Island Developing States Summit held in Apia Samoa in 2014.

Caledonian Sky
Caledonian Sky

Meanwhile The Australian newspaper reports that PNG has undergone a resurgence in popularity as a cruise destination thanks to its astounding beauty and fascinating cultural experiences.

While it’s possible to visit many PNG destinations on a large mainstream cruise line, some travellers prefer the more intimate atmosphere of smaller vessels.

Australian family-owned company APT is catering to that niche with a one-off cruise to PNG next year in partnership with small-ship operator Noble Caledonia.

The adventure starts on 2 October in Cairns with a charter flight to Port Moresby to join the 110-passenger, 75-crew MS Caledonian Sky.

Highlights of the 11-day trip include cultural experiences in local villages, immersion in World War II history at Milne Bay, snorkelling in PNG’s pristine waters and visits to the Kamiali Wildlife Management Area and Madang.

Caledonian Sky was recently awarded a Star Performer — Top Ten rating in the 2018 Berlitz Cruise Guide, boutique ship category.


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Philip Fitzpatrick

A telling typo in the above text: "We look forward to continuing to work the PNG government and the APEC organising committee over the next 12 months".

Maybe substitute "screw" for "work".

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