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Bring forth their downfall

David-and-goliath1DOMINICA ARE

We have a just and fair God
Who loves what is right and true
He looks upon us with compassion
He sees how pitiful, restless and helpless we are

The wicked sitting above
ignore the sufferings down below
watch with amusement the relentless dramas
He sits way above them – His heart aching
To see the poor crying
To see the just shed blood for justice
To see the faithful plead for mercy
To see the innocent dying

With our hearts full of patience, hope and courage
We continue the fight for justice
incessantly fight for what we believe in
To Him, our pleas don’t go unheard
We believe that soon, sadness will turn to joy
That soon the just will trample the wicked
That soon the wicked will pay for their transgressions
We believe that soon their riches will turn to rags

We keep the faith that things will be better
We acclaim His saving justice
Our just God hears His people’s cry
He will come to our aid

No one, oh no one, on this Earth
Is greater than Him
He’s everywhere
He knows everything
The wicked won’t escape His wrath

With Him on our side
We shall bring those Goliaths down
They will stagger from their high benches and fall
Oh, how terrible will their downfall be


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