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First PNG journalism PhD says 'government not present in Hela'

Dr Kevin Pamba
Dr Kevin Pamba

JEMIMAH SUKBAT | Loop PNG/Pacific Media Watch | Edited

MADANG - A staff member of Divine Word University, Dr Kevin Pamba, who has written for PNG Attitude (read one of his articles here) has become first Papua New Guinean journalist to be awarded a doctorate degree.

Dr Pamba’s thesis was on communicating with indigenous landowners around the LNG project in Hela Province, an area badly affected by the earthquake two weeks ago.

He said that among his research findings was that the government is "not present" in Hela, especially the Department of Petroleum and Energy.

In terms of communication with the landowners, getting the message across was barely working, he said.

Dr Pamba, from Ialibu in the Southern Highlands, completed his bachelors' degree in journalism at the University of Papua New Guinea.

“I am lost for words, I didn’t know [I was the first journalism PhD] until it was announced today,” Dr Pamba said when asked how he felt to be the first Papua New Guinean journalist to earn a PhD.

“I am proud, especially for the profession of journalism.”

Dr Pamba also holds a master’s degree in international communication from Macquarie University in  Sydney as well as a UPNG journalism degree.

After attaining his UPNG qualification, he worked as a reporter with The National newspaper before winning a scholarship to study at Macquarie University.

In 2000, he was recruited by DWU as a lecturer with the communications arts department. He has been with the university since then.

Currently he is the director of the university’s Community Information Centre.

It took six years for Dr Pamba to complete his PhD, being a part-time student. He said it was a lonely journey but he had persevered.


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Daniel Kumbon

Congratulations bro, well done. Journalism in PNG has one step forward with this brilliant achievement

Garry Roche

Kevin, sincere congratulations. Also to Cathy.

Philip Fitzpatrick

Congratulations Dr Pamba. Where can we read your thesis, it sounds fascinating?

I'm getting quite a few requests from writers, including students at DWU, to publish books under the Pukpuk imprint. Now that the Crocodile Prize is in PNG hands I've wound back Pukpuk and only use it to sell books already published.

When I get enquiries now I try to encourage the writers to use Amazon's CreateSpace to publish their own work. I've helped a few people along the way as they learn how to use the program, including people like Alfred Lulu of Bougainville, who has just published his second children's book.

It occurs to me that it could be very useful if DWU embraced CreateSpace and taught its students how to use it.
Such publishing platforms are the future of publishing in PNG I think.

I wonder if Dr Pamba would be interested in doing that.

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