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Juffa & landowners move on pirate loggers as forest boss sacked

Minister Tomuriesa must begin to act in the interests of PNG

Douglas Tomuriesa
Hon Douglas Tomuriesa MP
Gary Juffa
Governor Gary Juffa MP


ORO - What this nation needs from its people are not just words of support and patriotism from a safe distance but a willingness to rise together and take affirmative action to protect and promote Papua New Guinea’s interests.

Only then will we gain the respect we believe we deserve. Only then can we expect others to respect us, respect our laws and respect our future.

I want you to stand with me to remove the enemies of Papua New Guinean interests who hide in parliament and the public service.

My first message is to Douglas Tomuriesa, Minister for Illegal Logging….  You need to step down!

By your actions, you seem to have endorsed the theft of forest resources from the people of Collingwood Bay in Oro Province.

The company you support has broken many laws of PNG and is trespassing on our land; its licenses and permits illegally procured.

Its foreign workers are without proper documentation; its machines unregistered; the destruction of our forests and waterways totally unacceptable and illegal.

The company is not an agricultural entity: it is an illegal logging company. The so called landowner company does not represent the people of Collingwood Bay or their clans and tribes.

The company’s employees have used violence and illegal firearms and assaulted our tribal chiefs. They have illegally discharged waste oil and sewage into our waters.

The company illegally constructed a jetty on a logpond belonging to a clan from which no permission was sought.

Minister Tomuriesa, you appointed your personal lawyer to be chairman of the Forestry Board when that position should be held ex officio by the Secretary Planning or Secretary CEPA until a permanent appointment is made by the National Executive Council.

You and your chairman are bypassing all PNG Forest Authority processes and procedures in illegally awarding licenses and permits. You are in effect facilitating transnational crime.

You have failed to act to protect PNG interests.

In my view, you are not a fit and proper person to hold an important position as minister. Resign. PNG does not need you.


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Lindsay F Bond

As easily seen online from satellite imagery, and for some duration, a weight of logging has been loading onto vessels at Wanigela and Pongani. This to some extent appears monitored by PNG Customs Department.

As earnestly a follower of forestry facts, Member of Ijivitari Richard Masere has questioned Forestry Minister Douglas Tomuriesa about the monetary trickle flowing through PNG Departments of Customs and Finance and Treasury, as it appears some trust of funds is at the office of Forestry Minister, and identified as logging export development levies – LEDL.

As expectedly for PNG governance, Mr Tomuriesa spoke of "a major delaying factor", and guess what, its them other departments, not one with 'would' in it.

Lindsay F Bond

More mapping of the issue? Not only at Collingwood Bay?

But then again, all the rite paperwork will likely turn up for other Oro places?

Amazing network of access-ways (not only roads) can be viewed in Mapbox OpenStreetMap, by traversing the image to the hinterland southwest of Deboin (a location at a point (headland) northwest in Oro Province near Mitre Rock.

Map hitherto appearing similarly via Google has yet much obscure imaging.

Question is of interest, and not to imply unauthorised activity is being logged.

Lindsay F Bond

Collingwood Bay tide of tears, muddied from northeast electorate Kiriwina - Goodenough Open.
Oh, no, not good enough. Of Solomon Sea, what wisdom at election?

Gary Juffa

Thanks Keith for your continued support. I appreciate your write up. It's tidier and an improvement on my efforts which were on the spur and off the cuff.

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