The death of Victor Juffa, Private 100, of Kokoda Block 168
Are you a person who fights for your children? Or a coward?

The Crocodile


In the wild you own the muddy water,
On the other side of swimming children,
Gorging on fish, pigs, dogs and friends alike;
An implacable grin of certain death

Hoiri was wrong to fear, hate and hunt you.
In my mind you are the old way we were.
To you Mitoro was simply a meal,
Silent and deadly, you stole to the deeps.

In the city you’re a belt or hand-bag,
On the waist or arm of some socialite,
Greedy fat wallet spewing Somares;
An innocuous sin of certain wealth

Hoiri was right, the sorcerers used you.
In my mind they are the new way we are.
Taking “possession of his wife Mitoro”,
Spreading their sanguma to steal our dreams.

Labu Station, 12:00pm February 25, 2018
© 2018 Michael Theophilus Dom


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Gregory Bablis

Brilliant bro, just brilliant! I love the imagery of this piece.

Michael Dom

Lindsay, ever the enigmatic audience.

Thank you for your appreciation.

Lindsay F Bond

Imagery in words wonderfully arrayed and moral with bite. Thank you Michael.

Imagination excited, and proximity with Gary Juffa majestic remembrance from his childhood, brings to mind a child's encounter with reality at abeyance begging from 'implacable grin'. Viewed from as close as just steel chainwire stricture, and with and air of swampy pungency, the mark upon memory became most daunting.

Although my reminiscence is quite apart from Dom's peep on the wild side, readers might ponder aspects of affront earlier, that was at the then Mt St John Zoo near Townsville, as presented with photographs by Queensland Historical Atlas.
Enterprising chap, Rubenstein.

And of PNG poetry, Michael Dom engages with more than entertaining.

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