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A long journey, but Rose is one of Australia's newest citizens

Rose and Peter Kranz
Rose holds her new citizenship certificate


NOOSA - I'm sure PNG Attitude readers will share our delight in welcoming one of Australia's newest citizens, Rose Kranz, to join the nearly 25 million rest of us Australians (while reducing Papua New Guinea's population by one!).

It's been a seven-year journey for Simbu-born Rose and husband Peter (read about it here) - but yesterday at a citizenship ceremony at the Lake Macquarie City Council chambers in New South Wales it came to a happy conclusion.

"It was an emotional moment, moving many to tears as 39 new citizens were welcomed to Australia," said Peter.

"They came from places as diverse as Nepal, South Africa, Nigeria, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea.

"Our Mayor, Federal and State members of parliament and local Councillors did Australia proud as the pledge was recited by all.

"This has been a long and arduous journey for Rose, and she was emotional as she realised she was giving up her PNG legal identity. 

"But as I said to friends, she is now an Aussie but will always be a Simbu ambai in her heart," Peter said.

Peter and Rose are both long-standing and valued contributors to this blog and their wonderful relationship is a literal reminder of the ties that bind our two great countries.


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Jenny Rim

Congratulations Ambai Rose, I remember when you started off that journey here in Darwin. Finally you got it, happy for you my ambara.

Mathias Kin

Ambai Rose yoo. Na wari nasim yo. En kai erenga na ama kai eringa! Anyhow congratulations. Wakaiwe!

Rashmii Bell

Congratulations, Rose:) So happy for you and Peter.

Robin Lillicrapp

Welcome, Rose. It has been a long journey for you and Peter.

Lindsay F Bond

Intrepid immigrant among the 39 taking steps by pledge to Australian values. Welcome, Rose.

Gabriel Ramoi


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