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I Am a Woman

Shera Kama
Dr Shera Kama


I am a woman, so fearfully and wonderfully design by the creator
I am a woman, a masterpiece of the all-time designer
I am a woman, custom made for my purpose

I am a woman, I am beautiful, I am intelligent, I am loving
Let my beauty blossom in the spring sunshine,
Let my song penetrates the inner soul of my love,
Let the warmth of my love embrace you forever
I am a woman, I am gracious, I am caring, I am wonderful

I am a woman covered in fragile veil; let me fly with the eagles in the storms
See me smile through my tears to feel the strength of a woman,
See me cry through my labour to feel the pain of a woman,
Come wipe my tears, come soar with me to the heights unknown
And let me rest on your shoulder

I am a woman, I am a daughter, I am a sister, I am a wife, I am a mother
Give me my joy, give me my love, give me my huge, give me my smile, give me my kiss
Make me blossom for the world to see,
Make me sing for the world to hear my sweet voice inside,
Make me shine for the world to smile

I am a woman; I am a woman with a man inside me.
Let it go, let it go, I can’t hold it anymore.
Let the whole world see the beauty inside me.
I am strong, I am intelligent, I am beautiful, I am a star.

Dr Shera Kama is a dental surgeon currently on scholarship studying for a Master’s Degree in Stomatology in Chongping Medical University in China


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Philip Kai Morre

What makes women unique is their ability to be resilient in the face of complex problems and they have learned to be patient.

Women have intuitive knowledge that we men do not have.

The most important person I seek advice from is my illiterate mother who uses her God-given intuitive knowledge to guide me. I learned all the simple truths and love from her.

What my mother tells me to do good and avoid evil is always right.

Dominica Are

I am proud to be a Woman. Lovely piece.

Lindsay F Bond

Celebratory, prospective.

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