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Watna mori
Watna Mori
Kevin alo
Kevin Alo


PORT MORESBY – Watna Mori and Kevin Alo have come up with a really good idea – a relocation agency that will help expatriates settle into Papua New Guinea, from airport meet and greet to providing cross-cultural training.

Their company, PNG Presence, was established last year to support and provide all the practical assistance people need so they can focus on foreign companies and individuals transitioning into Papua New Guinea. You can link to the PNG Presence website here.

“Kevin and I are both lawyers,” said Watna Mori, co-founder and director of PNG Presence. “Kevin is registered to practice in PNG and I am registered in NSW.

“We are a multi-disciplinary team with an extensive network within the government, private and not for profit industries in PNG, regionally and internationally.

“We also have a partner in Australia, called Australian Presence, that helps provide services to Papua New Guineans whether migrating to Australia or transitioning their business to Australia,” she said.

“Our team consists of experts in business advisory, marketing and advertising, corporate governance, cultural and community liaison, regulatory and compliance, visa and migration services, mediation, real estate, asset management, security services and country resettlement services.”

PNG Presence was conceived after Watna met a number of foreign investors and business people who could see the potential of doing business in PNG but experienced difficulty sourcing the right advice and strategies to tap into the market.

Watna has lived and worked in Australia, the Netherlands and Papua New Guinea. She holds Australian law and arts degrees and a master’s degree in law from the University of Amsterdam. She has worked as a public servant in PNG and as a legal advisor to an Australian migration firm.

Kevin completed a law degree at the University of Papua New Guinea and has practised primarily in the areas of commercial and corporate law.

“Moving to Papua New Guinea can be extremely challenging and time-consuming for anyone,” said Watna.

“At PNG Presence we’re here to support you and provide all the practical assistance you need to make this transition hassle free.”

Some of the company’s support services include finding accommodation, establishing bank accounts and mobile phone plans, providing language and cross-cultural training, assisting with drivers licence conversion, finding schooling and linking with the social aspects of the community.


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