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Author Samantha Kusari - Papua New Guinean writing can stand proudly on the world stage

This message from the ‘My Walk to Equality’ project team was presented by SAMANTHA KUSARI to the students of Paradise College, Port Moresby, to mark their annual writing awards ceremony

PORT MORESBY - Congratulations to all students for participating in the writing competition. It is so wonderful to hear from your staff member Samantha Kusari of this annual literary activity encouraged by your school.

Ms Kusari is a published Papua New Guinean author and you are quite so fortunate to have her literary talent so close by.

The 'My Walk to Equality' project team is a voluntary group of 45 Papua New Guinean women writers (including Ms Kusari) supported by two gentlemen who have spent over 12 years encouraging, publishing and distributing PNG-authored books.

They are Keith Jackson AM and Philip Fitzpatrick, co-founders of Papua New Guinea's annual national literary competition, the Crocodile Prize.

We have a vision of using literature to include the voices of Papua New Guinean women in the national conversation about all social issues.

We published an anthology in 2017 that has reached thousands of readers around the world. It is remarkable the reach and feedback we have received. The world is eager to read writing by Papua New Guineans.

Our team would like to encourage the students of Paradise College to take these points to heart:

Seek and appreciate the support of the teaching staff of Paradise College to develop your writing skills. Be excited about this writing competition every year.

Read - always read - because it is a big part of the developing your writing skills in school and throughout your life.

Write -  because the Papua New Guinean voice on paper is as important as any other voice in the world of writing and literature. On this point we'd like to especially encourage all female students of Paradise College.

Use every opportunity you can to get your writing published and shared with others. Find out about the Crocodile Prize competition and participate.

Be yourself - write in a style that you are comfortable with, a style that leaves you feeling happy and knowing that you have written to the best of your ability. Readers will appreciate your authenticity.

Congratulations to you all on this special occasion, especially to those receiving awards today. Have a positive and productive school year in 2018.


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