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Doubly Blessed

Brian and BriannaDOMINICA ARE

It’s truly extraordinary being a twin mom

In the meeting that convened
In the heavenly palace
Me, the Creator has chosen
The incessant probing for a gift, just one gift
Was granted, in fact even better
In awe I stared at two tiny dots
In awe I listened to two tiny heartbeats
Seemed surreal
Oh, such wonderful gifts!

As my tummy grew, as I swelled with life
So did my heart and soul expand
To make room for equal loving
The feeling was phenomenal
The journey was long and arduous
My body getting weary for carrying
Three heads, six hands, six feet, three human beings
Still the joy and excitement overcame weariness
Patiently I lingered

In time the long awaited day arrived
Terrified at the thought of being cut
In the Creator I put my trust

Indescribable miracles outpoured
In that evening of 2017, September fourth
A handsome boy first, then a pretty girl
All pain forgotten at their sight and first cries
Tears of joy glistened on my face
Night was falling, the air so still,
I lay on the gurney engulfed with relief
‘Yes we made it’
Those we stood by us, God bless their hearts

This journey may not be rose tinted
But every day it’s a blessing, having
Four cute eyes staring lovingly at me
Four hands to hug me, Four feet racing to me
Two hearts to love me, two adorable smiling faces
to melt my heart
The joy of my existence

Let the trouble be double
I’d rather count double fun, happiness and laughter
No more a loner, two wonderful companions
Two wonderful creations, born together to grow together
And to be best friends forever
Miracles surely come in pairs, oh thank God!


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Garry Roche

Dr. Peter Are, was for many years a well known and well respected dentist at Mt.Hagen General Hospital. He died several years ago. He was originally from Gumine area. He pulled some of my teeth and also gave me fillings.

Mathias Kin

Fr Garry agree with that. Dr Are would indeed be a grandfather. A great man he was and one of the early educated people from the Mian tribe of Gumine.
And dota Gloria Nema, good to see you here.

Garry Roche

Your Dad would be proud and happy.

Gloria Nema

Such loving words from a loving mum. Bless your heart Nicka!

Joy Waffi

I love it! Nicka, so blessed with words. Nicka so blessed with twins!

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