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Sonnet 25: Ejaculation is as sure as spit

Poetry-pencilMICHAEL DOM

There is less lyric in pyric passions
Explosive, explicit, exotic dance
Some syllabic maze to navel-gaze on,
Swallowing a shallow, callow cadence.

When the deeper you feel, the more you drool
And as high as some bird flies in the sky
There's somewhere, somehow, some similar fool
Achieving states of ecstasy as high.

Instead, use emotional propulsion 
Let this be surrendered to the rudder 
Thence to the tiller of our tongue, your pen,
Confer your soul: seek emancipation.

Ejaculation is as sure as spit
Show me your poetry, don't just write it.


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Michael Dom

Poets are advised to study each of these stanza's which demonstrate, separately and collectively, the form and the function of imprisoning individual words to emancipate universal emotion.

I'm sorry Keith, I have no more time for false modesty.

I want more poems and better poetry.

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