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Png-_pg-08_09-sti-det-mother-at-clinic-4PHILIP KAI MORRE

KUNDIAWA – It was Mothers’ Day last Sunday and in many places people celebrated with gifts, parties, church services and prayers.

Elsewhere a low profile was kept because of cultural norms.

But in all societies, whatever the culture, the key role of women – and especially mothers – is recognised.

Our mothers seem gifted with intuitive knowledge and special and unique skills, they are creative, gentle, warm, loving and empathetic in understanding us and seeing to our needs.

Just take a moment and contemplate and recall the worthy things our mothers did for us during our childhood, and our extraordinary relationship with them.

And the words that spring to mind – diligence, tenderness, protection, love – all exercised whatever the emotions and uncertainty confronting them each day.

Our mothers are there for us at all times and guide the early formation of both our physical development and our moral character.

Think also of the sacrifices, pain, sorrow and tolerance our humble mothers went through, often wrapped up in silence.

The tear drops shed, the knowledge transmitted, the unconditional love, the most prudent advice and wisdom.

And, in recent times in the midst of escalating family breakdown, many mothers also take the father’s role.

We owe our mothers volumes of tender care and love.

As for me, I regret that I did not do more for my humble mother who died three years ago - except I dedicated my book to her. And in my mind’s eye I can still see her smiling, knowing that I am the gift she treasured most.

Often we take it for granted the beauty, wonder and importance of our mothers, but if you spend a moment and reflect on all that your mother has done for you to be what you are now, I tell you, you will break down and cry.


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