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A Simple Poem About Tree Planting

Png_rainforestJIMMY AWAGL

Tree, perhaps plain in appearance
But always marvellous in beauty
Functionally complete
Contributing selflessly
Every element unique

Our tree contributes
Flowers, leaves
Branches, shade
Moisture, fertility
Home, protection

A living bioengineer
Taking in water
Producing oxygen
The air we breathe
Purifying harmful gases

Branch, bark and trunk
Provide wood and structure
All this to us is gifted
And in return, our obligation
It’s very simple – to plant trees


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Jimmy Awagl

Thanks, great tip from your remarks Michael.
I will eventually get it done as you have highlighted.

Michael Dom

Some pointers are here

Michael Dom

This piece contains the elements of poetry but does not form a poem as such.

Jimmy would need to extract a kernel of truth from each paragraph to develop a poem from these words, otherwise they remain a description.

Perhaps a leaf out of Jeffrey Febi's preferred style of not mentioning an actual tree but rather their characteristics which we may observe intimately.

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