While Mendi & Hela burn, the tribal killing continues in Enga
Kiaps: the ‘right types’ who never again quite belonged

Save Pes (I Know Your Face)

Mauswara-cartoonWARDLEY D I BARRY

This is a poem in Tok Pisin for PNG Attitude. It's the first one I've written in Tok Pisin. It is about politicians ignoring voters but coming back at the next election to once again seek their votes. During their term, politicians recognised voters as save pes (acquaintances whose faces are recognised but whose names are not known). However, come election time, the roles are reversed. Sick of being treated as nobodies, the people refuse to vote them back. The politicians have become the voters' save pes - WB

yu laik antap
bikos yu blo antap

mi blo tamblo
na mi bai stap tamblo

yu tok ‘To Mak’
na mi givim yu mak

yu tok ‘tura’
mi givim yu namba

mi baim takis
na yu kisim akis

tasol wanem
taim ba mi karim nem?

mi no save
yu kisim na go we

yu no save
lo ples mi stap tete

planti krismas
yu stap lo bikpla haus

yu kam lo ples
na tok mi ‘save pes’

tasol yu no
kolim nem blo mi moa

mi ‘save pes’
tasol na nau mi les

kam stap tamblo
olsem lo taim bipo

raun wantem mi
na kaikai wantem mi

spetim buai
na burukim tarai

katim kopra
na dring kulau wara

wara pudaun
lo skin bai go lo graun

yu bin memba
nau yu nogat namba

mi stap lo ples
na yu em ‘save pes’


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