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Pigs of New Guinea

Pacific Beat’s end signifies the corrosion of PNG-Australia bonds


KUNDIAWA -  There have been certain things that signify the bond between Australia and Papua New Guinea despite what appears to be a quickly eroding relationship.

Amongst them was ABC’s shortwave service and the program Pacific Beat, which has had a history of its own in playing a vital role in the Australian-PNG relationship and development process.

But these connectors between the people of PNG and the people of Australia are disappearing.

It is ABC’s Tok Pisin service Pacific Beat that reaches all corners of PNG and the Pacific with news and other information.

It is Pacific Beat that connects people in the region and collects news and other stories and relates them to listeners.

I live in Kundiawa, Simbu Province, in the central highlands of Papua New Guinea and the most effective way I get Pacific regional news is through Pacific Beat.

When I read about the axing of the program it brought tears to my eyes because I twice participated in it and one of them was directly from Kundiawa.

My friends and relatives who heard the interview asked me when it was I had gone to Australia. I laughed and told them that I did not go to Australia; I was interviewed by phone. They were amazed.

Pacific Beat and its dedicated staff should be given special recognition for their excellent service in bringing together the region through this program.

My family and I here in Kundiawa are in no uncertain terms appealing to the Australian government and ABC to rescind their decision to axe Pacific Beat and their shocking earlier decision to get rid of shortwave radio

Instead they must revitalise and enhance their radio transmissions with special recognition for the programs they produce and the staff who make them.

Please bring back to life our Pacific Beat.


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Philip Fitzpatrick

We seem to have reached a point in our political development all over the world where the economic benefit is of much more concern than the social benefit.

This is perhaps highlighted by President Trump, who is re-shaping America's relationship with the world on the basis of a good (commercial) deal on everything.

The decision by the ABC to axe the shortwave service seems to be part of this trend.

In simple terms it means we are losing our humanity.

For those heralding the end of neo-liberalism, maybe it's time to think again.

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