Pacific Beat’s end signifies the corrosion of PNG-Australia bonds
Championing the role & interests of women in PNG

Pigs of New Guinea


We beat our women
For breakfast, kill them for lunch
Pigs of New Guinea

We rape our women
At night and boast about it
Pigs of New Guinea

Every day we hunt
Them down like wild animals
Pigs of New Guinea

Every night we beat
them for pleasure, pow’r, prestige
Pigs of New Guinea

They’re meri nating
So we spit on their faces
Pigs of New Guinea

They are sangumas
So we burn them at the stake
Pigs of New Guinea

Women are machines
They exist just to give birth
Pigs of New Guinea

Our mothers are whores
To be used, abused, misused
Pigs of New Guinea

We don’t have sisters
Or aunts, we only have slaves
Pigs of New Guinea

We don’t send them to
School, they stay home to be sold
Pigs of New Guinea

We’re savages de
-vouring anything sans balls
Pigs of New Guinea

We’re not fathers or
Brothers, we are murderers
Pigs of New Guinea

Pig ManWe’re not uncles or
Kanderes, we are rapists
Pigs of New Guinea

We’re not men, we are
Kanakas with hungry cocks
Pigs of New Guinea

There is only one
One-eyed saint, charged to keep us
Pigs of New Guinea

But even the most
Saintly among us is still a
Pig of New Guinea


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Michael Dom

One-eye shut. OK.

I agree with Keith. This is a harrowing poem.

Ward Barry

Phil, perhaps. But all the politicians are men.

Ward Barry

Hence the last two stanzas, Michael. I thought about using "pimps" instead of "pigs" but... I decided to shut the other eye on this one.

Philip Fitzpatrick

I agree Michael.

If I was a pig in PNG I'd be greatly offended.

I've seen that guy in the top photo before - isn't he an MP?

Michael Dom

Oops 'treat'.

PS Rocky Balboa was a gentleman and his story was one of the finer selling points if the Rocky series.

Michael Dom

In pig herd management the weaned males are usually castrated for growing out as porkers or baconers.

Only then are they're allowed to mix freely with the females in the same pen over the growing period.

This treatment of pigs is considered humane, and avoids a lot of random mating and fights, allows better growth, but most importantly stops boar taint (peculiar male taste) in their meat.

Boars may fight also, all pigs do, but I've not seen a full grown boar fight yet.

In natural mating one boar can cover twenty sows.

Breeding boars are usually kept on their own but close to the sow pens because their odor induces female oestrus.

Intact boars (igat bol iet) with nasty tendencies (the rough ones) are usually culled.

Gilt pigs (unmated female pigs), and sows also, may not be able to breed if they are not mated for more than three or four of their heat periods (oestrus), i.e. abrusim sison bilong karim pikinini.

Sows often fight over territory, but not over boars, for which, when allowed to interact (nose-to-nose), they take turns in reasonably good order.

And to breed, the sow is introduced into the boar pen so that she doesn't fight him off when he wants to mate. Sows are very territorial.

All this probably doesn't help with Wardley's Pigs of New Guinea. They give pigs a bad name, but unfortunately we have to street them with some humanity.

The moral I think Phil Fitzpatrick would agree on is: don't put an Assistant Pig Keeper in charge of gender affairs.

Leeboy Tobias

Not everyone, but only small number. It paints a bad picture to the international community.

Wise it could not be true but it is as we are know. However, it's not the true conclusion of who we are but only a minority, again only a minority.

Tanya Zeriga

Not a true description of PNG men.

But true for a certain percentage of population. The "unfathered" men who grew up with Van Dam and Rocky Balboa as role models and pornography as the instruction for how to treat women.

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