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Ecocide – the new rock album to help save the Pacific


AUCKLAND – "The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now".

I had this Chinese proverb very much in mind while I was writing the tracks for a new album - Ecocide - which you can get here and also on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon.

Link to the site – every song has a free short sampler that gives you a real good idea of the complete product. So no need to pay up front.

I produced the album because I am very worried about climate change – as I know many of us in the Pacific are - and I want to do whatever I can to raise awareness.

It is a kind of Paul Revere-like scream. ‘Climate Change is Coming!’ But not preachy or condescending. Hopefully the music of Ecocide works for you. If not, let me know.

I produced most of the songs myself to keep costs down. My daughter Madison joined me on 'Planet Plastic' and did a fantastic job and I got a pro singer for 'Dirty Green' because there was just no way I could sing that one.

I loved doing the album. I got some special art for it which connected and drew the songs together into something coherent and directed; more than a single song could do. It also gave me a purpose and focus which I found inspiring.

Surprisingly, the early sales have been good. What I’ve noticed is that listens drop off down the track list – so the first song has the most listens and the last song the least.

Seems obvious in retrospect, but I planned the program for a real big finish and saved one of my favourites (‘Big Big Time’) for last. So don’t miss it! But I won't do that again. Best songs first. Always.

I didn't expect much from Ecocide but had to do it to raise attention to climate change. I won't preach but I truly believe we face our most important test - right now. My Papua New Guinea and Pacific friends know this to be true.

Simon Jackson
Si Jackson

If we don't act urgently, things are going to get bad, very bad - and far sooner than we think. I wasn't born in Taurama Base Hospital to be cooked to death!

Since Ecocide, I’ve become enthusiastic about albums, mostly because they focus and push me along. I've got two more in the works: Two Thieves - rock-inspired songs - and Livin' The Dream - piano based songs.

There's a very early sample of each in the private playlist here. These are very rough, but if you're interested – give ‘em a go.

Now for some business news, I was contacted by a publisher this week. It's the first time I've been this close to  cracking the commercial market and I'm not getting ahead of myself. It's a big step, so I'm taking it real slow. Like Ecocide, I don't expect anything from it but I sure hope to get it to travel a bit.

I hope you enjoy Ecocide (get the sampler free here). I hope it does some good. Cheers – and here’s to PNG, the Pacific and the Planet…....


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Murray Bladwell

Hi Simon, great to hear you in song. I'm very mooved by your musical poetry and the messages you have about the preservation of our planet. Ecocide has critical messages for us all.

To help reinforce the message, how about a lyrics sheet to go with the album?

I clearly remember some 50+ years back when your dad and I sang along with the Beatles ( with gusto!), when the lyrics were clearly printed on the record sleeve. The words are still imprinted on our ageing memories and anyone else who lived in close proximity to us in Kundiawa. Go the Beetles...Go Simon!!

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