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Welcome our APEC guests - & tell them the truth about us

Is it the law of the land she sows and she reaps?


The chestbeater demanding respect
The breastfeeder praying for change

The louder he gets the more she laments as he shifts all the blame.

He covers her in shame for being
and beaten.

How dare she speak up and assume they were equals.

“Unequally yoked,” the minister explained
She sinned.
It is the law of the land she sows and she reaps.
This is the reason she deserved to be
and beaten.
Apparently this is what happens to pamuks and heathens.

The chestbeater demanding respect
The breastfeeder praying for change

The conditions will vary
Sometimes he’s sweet
Sometimes he’s scary
Depending on mood, ego, or pride
Sometimes it’s monetary
There are no rules; he controls the commentary

The chestbeater demanding respect

Meanwhile the breastfeeder is still
praying for change


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Vanessa Gordon

Lindsay, I hope that the change happens soon. I pray that I will see real change my lifetime.

I pray for the day that women and children feel safe. A genuine feeling of safety.

“When every hope is realised in time.”

Michael, word on street it’s definitely not today.

Michael Dom

Breastfeeder vs chestbeater, gender warfare first casualties are respect, dignity and compassion.

Will common sense ever prevail?

Word on the street today is not likely.

Fuck the self righteous indignation, this is Sparta!

Lindsay F Bond

When every home is at a main street
When every school is at a main road
When every village is at highway
When every aidpost is closer by
When every club is not a weapon
When every drug is a prescription
When every folk is as your family
When every vote is legitimately
When every hope is realised in time.

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