The dangers of being idle
My culture, my pride

Great minds and small minds


PORT MORESBY - It is mental greatness that separates the great souls of history from the mediocre. Great mind accomplish great things.

The great minds in history like Mandela, Einstein and Newton engaged the power of their minds to change history, while small minds drifted with life’s vicissitudes.

I want to posit here the contrast between great minds and small minds. It’s an analysis that may help us develop our mind, change our life and become an agent of change in the world.

Change is hard. Painful at the beginning, but glorious in the end. Change your thinking. Think like a great minds. The world needs more great minds, and less small minds.

The future belongs to those who dare to dream big, think big, think differently and change the world.

Great minds dream big. Small minds think small.

Great mind built empires. Small mind built anthills.

Great minds talk about ideas. Small minds talk of other people.

Great minds exercise. Small minds love idleness.

Great minds eat the finest food. Small minds eat sugar coated fare.

Great minds read. Small minds watch TV

Great minds treat their mind as an asset. Small minds poison their minds.

Great minds are thought leaders. Small minds are gossip leaders.

Great minds post literary master pieces on viral spaces. Small minds post selfies.

Great minds are proactive. Small mind react.

Great minds are industrious. Small minds are lazy.

Great minds see sand, as the ingredients for building castle. Small minds see it as dirt.

Great minds are intrinsically motivated by lofty goals. Small minds are induced by rewards.

Great minds save money. Small minds are spend rifts.

Great minds make things happen. Small minds watch things happening.

Great minds influence. Small minds coerce.

Great mind hate corruption. Small minds entertain corrupt systems.

Great minds are autodicts. Small mind like being spoon fed.

Great minds believe in providence. Small minds depend on luck.

Great minds forgive. Small minds harbor grudges.

Great minds harness their inner empires to rise. Small minds squander their inner wealth.

Great minds enjoy seeing others succeed. Small minds are envious.

Great minds love women. Small minds see women as objects of lust.

Great minds are grateful. Small minds are grumblers.

Great minds think globally. Small minds think provincially.

Great mind make the world better. Small minds leave the world as it was.

Great mind leave a legacy. Small minds leave possessions.

Quotation by Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962), prominent American political figure, diplomat and activist married to President Franklin D Roosevelt (1882-1945)


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Joe Herman

Excellent article Simon. Some of these points have little to do with having "great minds". Rather it is about being a decent human being.

Bernard Corden

The measure of a man is what he does with power - Abe Lincoln.

Paul Oates

Great minds still need an opportunity to exist.

How many great minds have in the past been crushed by those who have power but no real idea of how to use it for the benefit of others, only themselves?

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