The essential Chips Mackellar
Embracing the future - we must believe in ourselves

They are gone


I miss them
They are gone now

I miss the bubbly, babbling days
The first words
The assisted walks

I miss the patter of feet
Along the corridor
Up the doorway

I miss those question sessions
Questions about everything
And anything in between

I miss the little clothes
The stubborn zipper
The rubber boots and princess dress

I miss the small talk and tales
About the moon and stars
And Cinderella's glass slipper

I miss the cuts, the bruises
The tears and pain
The soothing Band-Aid

I miss the sibling rivalry
The small quarrels
The wailing tantrums

I miss the mornings and afternoons
The breakfasts and uniforms
Dinner and TV shows

I miss those moments
They are gone now


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Rashmii Bell

Heartwarming, Raymond.

A timely reminder as I'm about to start the first day of Spring school holidays with children. Appreciate more, stress less.

Raymond Sigimet

Thank you all for your comments, glad this verse made an impact. As Michael has stated, certain memories and moments in life will always be special.

Michael Dom


Joe Herman

Excellent piece Raymond. I came across a bumper sticker on a car that read: "If I knew Grandkids were this much fun, I would have had them first".

Robin Lillicrapp

As Phil observes: a gem.

Perhaps, a prelude with grand-children in view?

Dominica Are

I am reminded of how fast time will fly and eventually my children will leave their nest. For now I'll savour those wonderful moments. Beautiful Piece!

Philip Fitzpatrick

You are an exceptional observer of people and society Raymond.

This is another beautiful gem.

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