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PORT MORESBY - This poem is intended to inspire those people who are afraid to start writing. It adopts as a title the Greek word ‘grapheiphobia’ - graphei meaning to write and phobia meaning fear. So grapheiphobia means fearing to write based on an innate sense of inadequacy - SD

When you are inspired to write,
You will hear a nagging voice,
Pouring mad ranting against you,
Claiming-you can’t write!

You have two choices left,
For you to make.
Shun the inner critic,
Or be subdued by it.

If you dare to write,
You will grow and bloom,
And become master at your craft,
And bless the world.

But if you quit writing,
Your gifts will wither,
You will be miserable,
And the world poorer.

So dare to rise against cynics,
Let the writer in you unfold,
Be a writer you are capable,
And make the world better.

The pen is mightier than the sword,
A writer better than a soldier,
For ideas in books are potent,
They change life and history.


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Dominica Are

I'm inspired!

Rashmii Bell

Love this, Simon. Inspiring!

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