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It's always tighter around here



Each second dawdled along painfully;
the heart, much weighted by the gravity
of your absence, collapsed on itself,
destroyed by its duty to childhood dreams.

It was not so long ago when
this very heart was full of sweet kisses
and favourite songs.

How time flies - treacherous!


Darkness fell on the chambers of my heart;
tears religiously smothering
the last of its promising candles.

If you cared to look in a little deeper,
you'd see an empty wall without pictures.

Yours was the only portrait.


Tonight I lie down on the bed
we once slept on, commuting our passions
in the little space between us.

I counted the things I should've done
and cursed the things I did. But
I refused to look further back.

The past is not our friend.
Today we are enemies.


I packed my tears in a bottle and
threw it into the ocean.
It came back to me with
three more empty bottles
promptly filled.

To banish you from my thoughts
is to punish myself.

It's always tighter around here.


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