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Kramer’s shock allegation: 'The plan to have me assassinated'

Koim exchangeBRYAN KRAMER MP

Sam Koim's response to Bryan Kramer's revelation can be downloaded at the end of this statement

MADANG - Two days ago I was contacted by former chairman of Anti-corruption Task Force Sweep, Sam Koim, to inform me he had received reliable intelligence that individuals with political connections were planning to have me assassinated.

Concerned about my safety Mr Koim went out of his way to contact me so that I would take extra care.

I responded I was banking on it but appreciated the head ups. It was no surprise, when you go after high level corruption it's only a matter time you are permanently silenced.

I accepted that fate a long time ago. The real threat won't come from our corrupt and stupid politicians but the foreign nationals who pull the strings from behind the scenes and profit from them.

I have briefed key members in Opposition that I expect to be killed for doing what I do and it is important they are clear on what to do next when that happens.

I don't normally share this information in the public domain, as any information I do share will only be after I am absolutely certain the information is credible without a question of doubt.

So how is it I never seem to be charged or sued over my reports?

Well provided what you publish is the truth you are protected by the law. However, wrongfully accusing someone, then you face civil and even criminal prosecution.

Kramer_Bryan 2
Bryan Kramer MP

It's not like O'Neill has a shortage of lawyers or money to sue me, or control over the Police hierarchy to have me charged, his problem is when we end up in court, knowing I can prove everything I publish then the risk is the Court will make a finding of fact the allegations are true, where the judgment may be used in his own criminal prosecution.

So his best position is to remain silent and avoid taking me to Court.

So how come I never seem to get my reports wrong?

Well, I will only publish a story provided I can verify it through three independent sources. This is so there can be no doubt to the criminal standard of proof the intel is correct.

Just one mistake and I could end up in jail for breaching the Cyber Crime or Defamation Act that provides up to 15 years imprisonment.

Sam Koim
Sam Koim

On the case in point I have verified the same intel of plans to have me killed from three independence sources, and it's not like Sam Koim goes around contacting people to tell them he believes they will be assassinated unless he himself is certain about it.

The intelligence being a number of individuals politically connected were secretly meeting to plan my assassination.

A number of persons engaged to do it were also behind the assassination of the late Fred Konga, former head of Border Development Authority.

In August 2017, Konga was gunned down while driving home at night after being followed by two unmarked cars.

I received intel he was killed to silence him over his alleged involvement in K124 million of K100 bank notes that was shipped to Germany by Central Bank to be destroyed.

However, the container was intercepted in Indonesia and brought back into PNG across the border. The notes were then used to bribe votes during the 2017 General Elections. His killing was described as an execution.

Specific information including how he was killed, those involved, and the evidence that exists to connect it to persons who ordered it has been made know to me.

I've been reliably informed that those now planning my assassination involve two Chinese nationals as well as three Western expatriates. Their plan is to have me killed in the same fashion Fred Konga, and make it look like it was done by the Australians.

Of course if it became known that Chinese nationals were involved then the public retaliation would be that Chinese store from Alotau to the boarder of Indonesia would be burnt to the ground.

So who better to blame than the Australians, however, who would believe such a story - well if you make the hit look professional enough, for example car bombing etc or involve white expatriates are seen on camera leaving scene then such a story would be plausible.

So why don't I name the individuals and politicians involved? Well, I'm waiting on a third source to confirm their names.

Why I am sharing this information with you?

Well in the event I end up facing the same fate before then, at least you can be clear why and how it happened.

Read Sam Loim's response to Bryan Kramer's statement


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Daniel Kumbon

"Eyeballing the stone age in New Guinea, where they cuddle your balls for a handshake" is a line from an article I read in a foreign magazine a long time ago.

Now that the focus of the world press is on PNG with APEC, I wonder what sort of articles are being published around the world.

I think it is along the lines of "eyeballing the modern PNG where they drive Maseratis and Bentleys" - KJ

Philip Fitzpatrick

You can't blame Sam for trying to cover his back by issuing a statement and denial of some aspects of his warning, including the use of words like 'assassination'.

You also can't blame Bryan for adding what Sam has hinted at to other information he has gleaned and concluding someone is lining him up for assassination.

You also can't blame Bryan for putting it on the public record.

The sanctity of life in PNG is at an all time low. Lives are now cheap and there are plenty of people willing to kill if the money is right.

Many prominent people in PNG now carry concealed firearms, not only the bad ones but the good ones too, including some of those who feature on PNG Attitude from time to time. It is a sensible step.

I hope Bryan keeps a gun close too.

Agree with Phil. Bryan's statement was a bit of an insurance policy as well as a warning to potential perpetrators. Getting the PNG police involved would be a lottery. I wonder what Bryan's detractors would do in a situation of plausible threat. Pack heat? Hire a couple of heavies? Leave the country? Laugh it off? - KJ

Bernard Corden

Dear Bryan,

"Always go too far because that's where you'll find the truth" - Albert Camus

Lindsay F Bond

Not to put too fine a point on it, going forward, there will be considerable eyeing of all cars in Mosbi, unmarked, marqued and murked.

On matters of virtue, stand up and together.

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