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David Johnson (aka Silver Fox)
David Johnson (aka Silver Fox)


MADANG – Investigations show that Australian David (Silver Fox) Johnson, who claims to be an APEC official, may have been operating illegally in Papua New Guinea.

This is the same David Johnson who in October threatened entrepreneur Emmanuel Narokobi for sharing on Facebook an article about the controversial arrival in PNG of 40 Maserati luxury cars.

Following this incident, I made further inquiries into Johnson's dealings in PNG and established that his company, Karama Consultants Limited, is operating illegally for failing to obtain IPA Certification - a requirement by law where a company is majority foreign-owned or controlled.

In December 2015 Johnson acquired the company in partnership with Michael Ekri in Lae – the shareholding was 60% Ekri (a PNG citizen) and 40% Johnson.

IPA certification was not a requirement as 60% of the company was owned by a PNG citizen.

However in February 2018 Mr Ekri’s share was transferred to a new company set up by Johnson, Karama Development Limited.

Karama Consultants, through which Johnson provides consultancy services, states the company's shareholding is 60% Karama Development and 40% Johnson.

But Karama Development is sole shareholder of Karama Consultants, so it essentially owns itself.

Johnson has been providing services to PNG Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato, services that are now being scrutinised.

By law persons who register a company must provide their current residential address. In December 2015 Johnson stated his resided Unit 2, 19 Strathaird Road, Bundall, Queensland 4217, Australia.

I tracked down this address to small commercial office in the Gold Coast area. I contacted persons leasing offices next door who confirmed it is not a residential area. Was Johnson living out of a small office?

In 2015 Johnson found his way to PNG, perhaps because there was very little in terms of personal wealth or employment opportunities in his own country.

He took up residency in Lae’s Awilunga Estate at 9 Mile sometime between 2017 and 2018 and found some work with the Electoral Commissioner and now APEC.

It seems that Johnson may have gone from living out of a small office on the Gold Coast to a lavish apartment in The Stanley Hotel, Port Moresby, which he now states as his current address.

Another foreign national becomes rich overnight at our people’s expense.


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Bernard Corden

The Awilunga Estate at 9 mile is the Crossroads Motel

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