This Christmas rekindles thoughts of a memorable trip
Oh how we miss this feisty, jocular teller of legends

....and the very bestest Christmas to all our readers

Cover of the PNG primary school paper for Christmas 1967. It doesn't seem like 51 years ago that I edited that fine publication. But the calendar doesn't lie.


NOOSA - Christmas Day has dawned without snow and ice on the Sunshine Coast, very much the 'no surprises' scenario which in my previous life always delighted clients . 

There is quite a lot of traffic building up on the roads, as this is a resort area, but not quite as much as the human traffic in the local liquor stores yesterday. Grog shops closed on Christmas Day triggers national panic.

Anyway today we have glorious beach weather and friends to visit and people are on the move, populating Main Beah and the river foreshore with tents and tarpaulins and Eskies to keep the champagne chilled.

Noosa shire's population doubles at these times as holidaymakers head here to experience the safe waters of Laguna Bay, the Noosa River foreshore and the calm hills and forests of the hinterland.

But despite the crowds, there is the wonderful aura of the tranquillity and joy that always accompanies Christmas.

This morning Ingrid and I will visit mum-in-law Libby (93 and going fine) at the aged care place she enjoys so much; join some good neighbours for some good drinks in the middle of the day; and later in the afternoon play host to our delightful local relatives for some agreeable hours. That's my Christmas Day schedule and I hope yours will be just as pleasant.

So to all our readers, wherever you are on the planet,  I'm grateful you're with us on PNG Attitude sharing this....thing. Thanks for your contributions and comments, or just for being here.

And thanks for your donations to our occasional charitable causes and for the continuing support that sustains the  spirit of multicultural friendship that underpins this website.

Christmas is a special time of love and gift giving and the best gift of all is the gift of friendship.

I hope and trust that 2019 will be a better year for the people of Papua New Guinea, most of whom have had too many very ordinary years recently. So long as our Papua New Guinean friends need a supporting voice, and sometimes a bit more than that, we'll be here. Meanwhile, enjoy today's package of previous Christmases on PNG Attitude.


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Raymond Sigimet

Hi Keith - Thank you so much for allowing me to tag along on this life journey so far (since 2015, for me).

Gutpela na Hamamas Krismas to you and the friends on PNG Attitude.

This day dawned for me with a greyish overcast (it rained all day yesterday); rain is always a blessing.

Trucks are already on the main road to Wewak (don't know if they are on passenger or cargo runs), I can see them moving from where I'm at.

No jingles as yet but there's an orchestra of singing morning birds, creaking insects and croaking frogs with a good set of drum rolls (dripping water) from the filled water tank at the back of the house.

Cheers mate, from me and my family at Maprik, East Sepik, PNG.

Thanks Ray and good wishes to all my Sepik friends - KJ

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