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Keeping up with Pacific politics – a review of 2018

In the hands of a black heart


Corruption started as a speck of dust
Nourished by its mother wantok system
Seemingly innocent in its early stage
But gaining power an undue respect
Under the guidance of its mother

Once mature, there’s no sympathy
Nothing for the people of the country
Corruption turns all it touches dark
Turns heart, eyes and ears to another world
Leaves behind a trail of endless strife

Then corruption's axe men come
With just one goal to seek to destroy
They spreads greed, poverty and death
Prices sky high, services degrade
And someone says the good news is
We are progressing well, we are fine

He who sits at the highest throne
Doesn't know what’s happening down and around
Conscience burned out, no feelings no guilt
Saying everything is good, we are fine
The country in the hands of a black heart


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Lindsay F Bond

Strange as it may seem, at a robust presentation of the darkness that envelops all in the creep of creepiness in minds sickly corrupt, there ought to be and is, a humanity that is decent and majestically so, when good folk extend care to convicted criminals in places of incarceration.

The goal of a gaol can yet be helping those who foul their follies, and, if others can be persuaded, take aboard the spirit of correction.

Corruption is contributory to the reported sad state of one of PNG’s oldest jails (gaols). Kerevat facility at East New Britain is also reported to have been in line for upgrade works in 2013.

That would have been the result of decades of need prior to PO’N hold on government, but the present state of imprisonment at Kerevat is fully a foul in a political tussle in which side-lined referees and umpires and regal onlookers apparently are inactive.

Not only the imprisoned degraded by dropped goals of gaols, there are health care facilities which are hamstrung by lack of basic infrastructure and capacity to supply safe and sufficient water.

So thank you Joseph, your topic timely, your talent finely, shines on spectres true that all ought rue.

See: https://postcourier.com.pg/sad-state-kerevat/

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