Those were the days my friend. They ended & this is where we are
Bougainville’s tinderbox threatens to reignite

Sangumas Poisoning Democracy

The politicianWARDLEY BARRY


You stole from me and called it tax payment.
You abused my rights as I begged for mercy;
Drove me from my land for development
And showed me neither care nor courtesy.
To plunder my forest is investment
And lying through your teeth is diplomacy.
You told me that we are independent
Yet I'm suffering from illiteracy.
Because of this I am still dependent
On foreign people for advocacy.
You murdered at will through law enforcement,
Mocked and defrauded the judiciary.

What are you but rascals in parliament?
Sangumas poisoning democracy?


You made a thieves' den of the parliament,
And replaced justice with your lunacy.
You give sweet excuses through press statements
Thinking we won't see your hypocrisy.
You claimed to be the people's government
But what do you leave behind for all to see?
Poverty and more squatter settlements,
Health and political degeneracy,
Ridiculous loans and a permanent
Place at the bottom of Transparency
International's corrupt government
Index. Corruption is your legacy!

What are you but rascals in parliament?
Sangumas poisoning democracy


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Mathias Kin

Barry, you said that very well.

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