Is this the message - forget reading, watch more television?
R. I. P.

The Crooked Pacific King

Skull-crown-angry-kingJIMMY AWAGL

Feel the tremor of fraud and corruption
Roaring and roiling like thunder
So characteristic of a crooked king

Evil is rooted in his crown
Autocracy the emblem of this tsar
Dictatorship embedded in his identity

Supposedly a people’s king
But blinded by gold and gas
Borrowing to keep us poor forever

Our land misused for private gain
The people’s funds become his own
Deceitful deals and boomerangs

Can 40 Maseratis drive eight million souls?
Can crony deals save schools and lives?
No, a nation suffers from singular greed

The king feeds on deceit and deals
Steals from the pockets of his people
An empire of wealth never complete

Vainglorious political and business king
Some brand him the Pacific billionaire
Ruling, ripping and ruining over PNG

Seventy-one cronies surround their king
Feeding on spoils not rightly theirs
Saying yes to the people’s no; and no to their yes

They preserve a bubble for the king to reign
With continuing misuse, abuse and fraud
Denying a great nation of its strength and promise


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