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A teacher’s influence


As a stone creates ripples on a lake,
So a teacher’s creates ripples,
In a student’s life.

Influence subtle and powerful,
To change thinking and life,
And mold profoundly.

Like a surgeon, the teacher,
Cuts minds with wisdom’s scalpel,
To light the intellect’s ancient fire.

In darkened minds a blazing light,
In tender hearts a longing hunger,
To satisfy the thirst for knowledge.

A teacher is a moral guide,
A teacher imparts understanding,
A teacher instills values.

The teacher’s words imprinted,
Deeply in the student’s mind,
As gold on marble pillars.

A teacher embraces eternity,
Often innocent and blind,
To influence’s extent and power.


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Philip Kai Morre

Very informative and creative with authentic beauty. All I need to learn I learned it in the prep school.

My first teacher at Wandi Primary School was an Australian by the name of Mr Anderson who taught me to do this, do that, put the blocks away, say excuse, say thank you, never steal, obey your teacher, the list goes on.

Michael Dom

A good and timely tribute, Simon.

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