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Best of our new years: When comments triumphed over posts

Henry Bodman (1938-2016) - wrote the first comment published in PNG Attitude


SYDNEY - This is a tribute to all those commenters who make PNG Attitude such a lively internet space. When this blog kicked off nearly four years ago, on 26 February 2006, the first comment, from Henry Bodman in Brisbane, appeared the same afternoon. But there wasn’t a helluva lot of commentary back then. I wrote the posts and people read them largely in silence.

It wasn’t really until regular commenters like Paul Oates (first post, 4 November 2007) got into their stride that the interactivity really blossomed. Back then, the site was entitled ASOPA People and it had a much narrower view of its purpose. Its evolution into PNG Attitude came over time and was largely driven by a growing and diversifying readership.

It was never in doubt that the internet could be a strong influence in bringing together Papua New Guineans and Australians who cared about the relationship between our two countries, and who wanted to strengthen it. But for that to happen, the blog had to be a real forum – it had to be interactive, it had to have a wide input from a range of contributors, and it had to be controversial and even irritating.

Well, we’re now getting around 250 visitors on a good day and on Monday, for the first time, the number of comments on this site overtook the total number of posts. A few moments ago, PNG Attitude contained 1,407 comments and 1,385 posts. That’s a lot of words. And a lot of opinion.

It’s been said that the comments are frequently much more entertaining than the posts. I’ll leave that judgement to you. I think contributors and commenters should all take a bow this week. You’ve made PNG Attitude a very valuable forum indeed.

Yesterday, 31 December 2018, PNG Attitude had 2,110 visitors (a fairly typical day). Since inception the site had published 40,580 comments (2,980 in 2018) and 13,578 posts (978 in 2018)


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Dominica Are

I enjoy reading the comments especially. There's lots of vital information shared and of course different views expressed is quite interesting.

Thank you.

Simon Davidson

Thanks for the update. Insightful.

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