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Momis Addresses Public Servants
Dr John Momis addresses Bougainville public servants during a dedication mass at Hahela in Buka. The mass was celebrated by Bishop Bernard Unabali


BUKA - Bougainville public servants have been encouraged to maintain solidarity within their ranks and to continue their work to realise the aspirations of the Bougainville people.

During the annual dedication mass for the Bougainville Public Service, President John Momis encouraged Autonomous Bougainville Government employees to have dignity in the tasks they perform to serve the province’s people.

“Appreciate your work, do ordinary things extraordinarily well, find fulfilment in the daily routine that drags you from the comforts of your beds, be thankful and be grateful you have a job,” Dr Momis said.

“You must have integrity and do what is right consistently, honestly and accurately.

“Honesty and accuracy in your actions requires intentionality and thought. How honest or accurate are your behaviour, actions and words with people that you lead?” he said.

Dr Momis stated that in public service, the temptation to be dishonest is always there, whether tinkering with the payroll system, taking 10% from projects, coming late for work and leaving early, or taking bribes under the table.

“It is not easy but the key words I want you all to take to heart are ‘consciousness and choice’.

“Each waking hour and when spending my time in church, I always offer to God that today I make the right choice and decisions, that I remain conscious and that I lead and hold in my hand the future of every Bougainvillean,” he said.

“I firmly believe that each one of you here has a sense of purpose. Without it we lose our way and become demotivated, depressed and prone to the temptations.

“Without purpose we succumb to procrastination, inefficiency, absenteeism, and all the ills that beset government bureaucracy.

“Let us unite and work hard to give our people the government they deserve,” Dr Momis said.


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