The end of the benign Papua New Guinean 'Big Man'
The pink aeroplane, government paperwork & PNG airstrips

But still my country’s beautiful


A country in the Pacific
Not many people in the world
Know it exists or is inhabited
Seen as isolated and strange
But still my country’s beautiful

Untouched jungles from coast to highland
Crystal clear lakes, white beaches and sea
Breathtaking scenes and abundant wildlife
Some see as inferior on the map
But still my country’s beautiful

Those who come are shocked and amazed
A country full of resources worth trillions
Never seen anywhere like this before
They strip these embedded treasures
But still my country’s beautiful 

There’s a massive rush to exploitation
Left right and centre - who cares?
No care, no sympathy, no consideration
Pushed aside with empty promises
Can’t stand up against a greedy system
But still my country’s beautiful

Future generations will say enough was too much
As they save our land from disease of greed
They’ll expel corruption, see poverty gone
Land handed back to its rightful owners
Because my country’s beautiful


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Bernard Corden

Dear Joseph - A wonderful account of the kleptocracy and summary of corporate greed and free market fundamentalism.

The following article from Richard Mosur recently appeared in Counterpunch:

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