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Embellished poetry


These lines were inspired by a comment from Phil Fitzpatrick on my poem ‘The creative subclass’. Here, I describe the steps I go through when writing a poem…..

The labour of love expended,
By those of poetic inclination,
To create poetry elegant,
Is laborious and dawdling.

They, by creative thinking,
Generate ideas original,
Like pearls shining,
On strings of beads.

They devour poetic wisdom,
Ingesting densely poetic tomes,
From history’s stellar casts of poets,
And snippets of Shakespearean wit.

They extract icons golden,
To fill creative wells,
Making the mind brim,
With ideas magical and new.

Then mint words weighty,
To pen poetry pure and true,
Often sprinkling with a gem,
From ancient poetic wisdom.

The blank page is filled,
As poetic magic is weaved,
When the pens transmutes ideas,
From poetic mind to empty page.

So poetry's magic shines,
And dances on the page,
Alluring famished readers,
To an elegiac banquet.

Readers feast on poetic charm,
Their minds ignited with beauty,
And their imagination enflamed,
With hearts ablaze with joy.

So poetry remakes the banal,
Translates the ordinary to divine,
To adorn earth with its beauty,
Through a gift of elegant words.


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Porap Gai

I am so blessed with Simon Davidson's facts on poems.
Now I understand what the poem is, the expressions and words it should have and should not have.

We want similar from Mr Davidson to motivate us in our poems.

Lindsay F Bond

Artistry in craftworks remnant of earlier times of people of now PNG, evidence a yearning for expression that endures more than the ephemeral.

Multitudinous concepts jostle the craniums of the creatives and the receptives.

Simon shows the sway in words. Shine on.

Philip Fitzpatrick

This one is worthy of the same comment Simon.

Poetry seems to have become the favoured form of literary expression in PNG, which is an interesting development. One day someone will work out why.

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