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Hundreds of Mountains

Mount Bosa (Plant Talk)JOSEPH TAMBURE

You say
Mountains so steep, obscures the rising sun
Heavy white fogs covering the villages
Fast flowing rivers in stunning tumbling
Cold that still prickles even at eight
That’s where I belong

You say
Rugged, isolated, hard to reach people
Best food, the rare is most sought
Half wet and dry, the seasons determine
A place to get lost from modern life
That’s where I belong

You say
Wild animals in numbers, and free
Snakes slither in houses searching for food
Birds dancing in courtship over our heads
Nature’s sound is the sweetest music
That’s where I belong

You say
The Creator placed people in these mountains
With skills and strength to protect and tend
Life can be hard and survival’s a challenge
But life continues and we love where we are
That’s where I belong

You say
Mountain people, strong in mind and body
Fit and gifted to overcome harshness
Lived here for generations since creation
Nothing can separate us from our mountains
That’s where I belong


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Michael Dom

I like how raw this verse is written, Joseph.

This is a good response to PNG's potential visitors and current guests alike.

You could spice up the introduction line by challenging them even more, like so;

Verse 1: You see...
Verse 2: You hear...
Verse 3: You think...
Verse 4: You say...
Verse 5: You know...

Then each of those descriptions helps to smash your last line: That's where I belong.

Lindsay F Bond

Even out on waters of Collingwood Bay, with coastal flatter land lips beckoning with beaches, strikingly there surrounds mightily parading magnificence of mountains, dauntingly defiantly dissuading approach, yet drawing gasps and gladness for those who find there they belong.

So good to see Joseph's revelation here and in his other penetrations on imagination.

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