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Patrick Pruaitch & Peter O'Neill (PNG Facts)
Happier days - Patrick Pruaitch and  Peter O'Neill were once branded 'The Inseparables' (PNG Facts)


PORT MORESBY – I am alleging that Peter O’Neill’s election as prime minister of Papua New Guinea on 2 August 2017 is unconstitutional and therefore null and void.

I am alleging that the illegality arises out of two distinct and separate grounds.

Firstly, the provision of the organic law, section 63, under which the head of state has relied upon to invite the People’s National Congress Party to form government following the 2017 general election is unconstitutional. The ensuing election of Mr Peter O’Neill is, as a consequence, null and void

Secondly, the election of Peter O’Neill as prime minister should have taken place ‘on the next sitting day’ after the notice of his nomination was given on 2 August 2017 to parliament.

The Shadow Attorney General Mr Kerenga Kua and I have today (Wednesday) jointly and severally filed an originating summons in the supreme Court for an interpretation of these issues.

The success of any one or both of these allegations in the supreme court can lead to a declaration of a vacancy in the office of the prime minister in parliament.

I have instructed prominent constitutional lawyer Loani Henao to ask the supreme court to fast track the determination on this matter.

The people of this country need to know quickly if the prime minister is in office lawfully. Henao Lawyers are acting for the opposition on this matter.


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Murray Bladwell

Bring it on!

Lindsay F Bond

Sam Koim, on 02 August 2017, was asking "Is it constitutional to elect both the PM & Speaker today?"

For all free and loyal PNGers, a question is, why has it been so long in bubbling to the top of the broth, that devoutly sincere folk and gatherings have not earlier put the question to the PNG Courts, and that the newly announced process has awaited initiation by politicians.

Bravo the initiators, at least and at last, the vessel that is PNG afloat as a nation, may have its heading checked.

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