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Deep sea mining threatens PNG's indigenous culture

Yangpela Man, Yangpela Meri


Yangpela man
Sanapim strong pos blong haus
Sapim gut long bus
Sanapim strong long giraun
Noken giamanim nating long hol
Noken tromoi nating long sait
Em yu rausim strong blong en
Em yu sotim laip blong en 
Displa pos em piksa blong yu

Stretim gut pos blong haus
Taim yu sanapim gut, 
bai yu pulim ai blong ol meri 
Ol meri save laikim man,
husait i ken sanapim strong pos
Ol bai koros pait long yu
Ol bai sigirapim skin long yu
Bikos yu sanapim gut pos blong haus
Na haus bai sanap strong

Yangpela meri
Karim gut bilum blong yu
Hangamapim gut long het
Karim em gut long sait
Noken pulim nating long rot
Noken tromoi long giraun
Em yu bagarapim kala blong en
Em yu rabisim bilas blong en
Displa bilum em piksa blong yu

Lukautim gut bilum blong yu
Taim yu karim gut,
bai yu opim ai blong ol man
Ol man save laikim meri,
husait i save karim gut bilum
Ol bai lukluk strong long yu
Ol bai pasim tingting long yu
Bikos yu karim gut bilum blong yu
Na famili bai gat hamamas

Yangpela man
Sanapim gut pos blong haus
Bihain bai pikinini sanap antap
na meri bai sindaun isi
Yangpela meri
Karim gut bilum blong yu
Bihain bai pikinini silip insait
na man bai lukluk isi
Sanapim gut pos, karim gut bilum


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Jordan Dean

The wisdom of the old is still applicable today.

Michael Dom

Em tasol ia!

Kain ol tok bokis blong ol saveman save mekim swit long tromoi tingting na opim ai kiau.

This is possibly a Tokpisin version of a sestina.

Joe Herman

Gutpela toktok bilong hausman Raymond.

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