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Hitler’s Folly

"Then Hitler made the century’s blunder / He believed in Aryanism with all his soul"


Führer’s Germany had everything.
It had the world at its fingertips.
It had the best schools and the best brains.
Einstein and many brilliant minds were there.

Germany was on top of the world then.
Führer’s Germany was the industrial hub,
And most things were made in Germany.
It was the market leader of the world.

Then Hitler made the century’s blunder.
He believed in Aryanism with all his soul,
He believed Germans to be the super race.
Dreamed of world conquest and domination.

He felt Germany was divine and invincible.
He waged war against many others.
Then war spread to the entire world
And it became a disastrous adventure.

The allies joined forces to fight Hitler.
Japan joined and so did the USA
It was a colossal clash of the ages.
It was a conflict of dreadful warfare.

Germany was defeated in a way so cruel.
Its golden cities lay in ruins and ashes.
Its gallant soldiers defeated and gone.
It citizens raped, tortured and killed

Its brilliant minds fled Nazi Germany,
And found refuge in a freer world.
Germany’s loss was the free world’s gain.
They got the best minds Germany produced.

They made the allies rise in triumph.
Engineered the rise of the atomic age.
Building rockets to send people to space.
Germany’s brilliant minds rocked the world.

Hitler died in a rat hole like Saddam Hussein.
The allies remade the world with democracy.
Even Germany was to rise again.
Having learned its lesson, and learned it well.


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Paul Oates

Hi Philip, your prognosis could be a shade one eyed if you start applying today's knowledge and standards to the situations that occurred 100 years ago.

It's a bit like comparing Germany's actions in her African colonies of SW Africa and Tanganyika prior to World War 1 to the fact that Germany was very resourceful and scientifically advanced in Europe at the time. That's like comparing apples and oranges.

A bit over 20 years after the German New Guinean administration was taken over, Japan arrived and the situation was then vastly different. If you start comparing the methodology of Japan in training their soldiers in Formosa (as Taiwan then was a Japanese colony), and Japan's aggressive actions on mainland China, you could draw some totally different conclusions.

I am just reading Len Deighton's analysis of World War 2 (Blood, Tears and Folly), where he states that the Japanese army trained its soldiers to be totally vicious against the unarmed Formosan people. They then were instructed to practice this style of aggression against whoever they came up against. It was either total victory or death.

As Sir John Guise observed at PNG Independence, the Australian flag was ceremonially taken down and Australia departed peacefully without a war of independence that occurred in many other previous colonies.

Cherry picking anachronistic positives can work both ways.

Porap Gai

Today the Germans are powerful in inventing powerful machines, putting much effort into the world's largest industries. Thank you and we want more from Davidson.

Philip Kai Morre

I tend to think that if Germany was not involved in the first and second world wars New Guinea would be a German colony. We would be better off with economic growth, science and technology , and a transparent political system.

I have read books and did research and find out that most of the inventions and scientific discoveries are done by German scientists. They are still superior today despite losing wars.

USA and Russia may not advance in the space race without German scientists and engineers who surrounded to then in 1945 after they lost the war. They deserted the island of Peenemunde where all the top Nazi scientists are stationed with their top secrets of scientific knowledge.

The first rocket (Apollo 11) ever landed on the moon with Neil Armstrong and two other astronauts in 1969 was designed by Werner Von Braun and his team of Nazi rocket scientists who fled to USA.

Also another team of Nazi rocket scientists lead by Helmond Grottrup surrendered to Russia build the first manned space flight that carries Yuri Garagin.

While USA keep most of the German scientists, Russia send most of the scientists back to Germany after they got all the information from them. That's why Germany developed very fast and is leading in both economic and science and technology in Europe.

This is a good lesson our government should learn from asylum seekers or refugees who are talented with enormous skills. Among them, they could be scientists, engineers, doctors, business men and others whom we need them to develop our country to the next level. They are not trouble makers but escaped from their country for political and other reasons.

Lindsay F Bond

Applause to Simon for taking task to a terrorism. Is it not that the regime of which you wrote, was not more than a collective of humanity that misrepresented the relatedness and regard among individuals and communities? Worse, they warred.

Apart from a 'let' of alliteration at use of the word 'joined', can it be considered that the word divine is a bit up in the air? On this deviation:

In 1932 Nicholas Fairweather noted that Hitler came from “grinding poverty of the Vienna slums” and
“lived in a men's home in Vienna” (no disparagement intended). According to Fairweather, beneath all Hitler’s pronouncements was his belief in a system which would derive from “decision of a competent leader”, such that underlie ambition of accretions and acquisitions that came to disrupt Europe and beyond. When word would work in Hitler’s way, those words were pragmatically political and tactically taut.

See: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/1932/03/hitler-and-hitlerism-a-man-of-destiny/308960/
And: Religious_views_of_Adolf_Hitler at Wikipedia

Paul Oates

Unfortunately, Simon, no one appears to learn from human history which is why we as a race, continue to suffer through warfare and all the other endemic, but ongoing natural curbs on our unchecked population growth.

Just over a year ago, I visited the Nuremberg Documentation Centre. This Centre has been set up by the current German government alongside another one of Hitler’s grandiose statements of power, a giant replica of the Roman Coliseum.

Inside this Centre, in photos and recorded information, it tells how and why Hitler rose to power and what happened when he and his henchmen then held power. The sole purpose of this Centre is to inform modern German people of why it happened and understand why it should never happen again. It took me over 2 and a half hours to go through the Centre and take notes and photograph the available information.

As I stood at the front Information Centre counter, a local high school excursion arrived with about 100 teenagers, all fiddling with their mobile phones. They were given earphones and information pamphlets and, still fiddling and joking with each other on their mobile phones, they entered the displays.

Within 10 minutes, the same teenagers emerged at the exit, still fiddling and joking among themselves and handed in their earphones. What had they learnt? Clearly nothing much.

What did they fail to learn? That dictatorships and totalitarian regimes can only arise when the subservience of the general population allows them to. A lack of resistance, from those who should have stood up against Hitler in the first place, first permitted the Nazis, like all other totalitarian regimes, to exist and grow through fear and repression of freedom.

Freedom of the press, freedom of speech, freedom from fear. If you want to see how repression and dictatorship starts, these are the first areas that will suffer.

Why will it all happen again? Because most people will naturally shy away from speaking out against a bully. They become scared. The bully then learns by using fear, how to increase their power over those who become increasingly powerless.

As has been said before; ‘Tyranny triumphs when good people do nothing’.

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