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In a world of fists

Sarah Kaut Nasengom
Sarah Kaut Nasengom

SARAH KAUT-NASENGOM | Crocodile Prize |
An entry in the Abt Associates Award for Women’s Literature

This poem is a short reflection, just a quick glance, at the physical and emotional hurt a woman in Papua New Guinea experiences as a victim of domestic violence, seeing the world as black and white – offering both hurt yet hope for a better future – SK-N

In a world of fists,
She stumbles with bloody wrists,
Blame is a nonstop game,
Name calling is a shame,

Fist sweeps,
She weeps,
Nose bleeds,
She pleads,

She cannot hide,
Fate chose her side,
Brokenness a constant companion,
Black and white in perfect union.


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Michael Dom

Hi Sarah,

As a poet we always want to hear a little about what people think about our poems.

It's almost Christmas and the Crocodile Prize will be gearing up for award delivery. But I know that the best reward for our work is getting a reaction, receiving feedback.

So I'm starting with your poem.

The first line is an interesting metaphor.

The terse stanzas are effective and fit the subject.

That middle stanza is hard and fast, like a beating. It links the two other stanza as before and after.

The last line is unclear for me, and perhaps that's going to take a little more thought for me to understand.

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