A policeman’s memories of the post-independence kiap system
In the case of land, the colonial administrators mostly got it right

Mother Earth

Simon Davidson and Sili Somoe
Sili Somoe (right) with fellow poet and mentor, Simon Davidson


Today is International Earth Day

Mother Earth,
Fashioned by infinite intelligence,
But in primordial chaos;
Laid formless and uninhabited.

Mother Earth,
Your liberation arrived;
When pit darkness vanished,
And dawn’s light had emanated.

Mother Earth,
Crafted by infinite intelligence;
A Trinity spoke you into existence,
You came out of a chaotic ocean.

Mother Earth,
Everything came out of you.
The habitats for a myriad lives,
Creatures and unnumbered species.

Mother Earth,
The sun gives you the light at day,
The moon’s glow illuminates at night.
They serve as your global luminaries.

Mother Earth,
The fall of mortals from paradise,
Has wrought great destruction to you,
Yet you remain as our habitat, our paradise.


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Porap Gai

Buddy Sili, it is true that Earth is our mother and everyone springs out like grass and dies away so quickly. I expect more similar poems from Sili S. Thanks very much for Keith Jackson and friends for publishing our poems.

Simon Davidson

It is gratifying to see some of my students whom I taught creative writing have their own poems published.Some are still writing and will have their poems published soon.

Thanks PNG Attitude for giving them and the rest of us a literary platform where our creative work can be showcased and shared.

I believe these budding poets are breathing in the exhilarating oxygen of publicity and it will give them the motivation to shutter their mental limits and be empowered to write more poems and soar in the literary skies.

Philip Fitzpatrick

That's the thing isn't it?

When we have driven ourselves to extinction and destroyed our environment Mother Earth will still be there and will eventually heal her wounds and go on forever.

Nice poem Sili and very appropriate for Earth Day 2019.

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